Accessorize Haul

haul with title

Accessorize is without a doubt my favourite store for accessories, I can’t go in that shop without spending a small fortune. Last week I went in to get one statement necklace and I ended up buying two and a new purse!

laura necklace with title

The Laura necklace is absolutely gorgeous, I first day I wore it, I got five complements on it. It’s quite heavy which helps keep it in place, I find lightweight necklaces move around too much, this one sits perfectly on the collarbone area.,acc_2.1/5822173000

bobble necklace with title

The next necklace was the multi-coloured bobble necklace. I already have the gold version but I couldn’t resist the colourful one for the summer. I like necklaces that are either monochrome or has every colour in the rainbow in it because they go with pretty much everything.,acc_2.1/5822499900

purse with title

Lastly is my new purse. I love the print of this purse and I really like the style of this purse because it stops me carry cards I don’t need and old receipts. The clip is really secure so there’s no chance of anything falling out and it’s really slim and compact so it’s not bulky or heavy to keep in a little bag.,acc_1.3/5893229900

6 thoughts on “Accessorize Haul

  1. Lovely haul! I wouldn’t be surprised you got compliments on the first necklace – it’s gorgeous! Your multicoloured bobble necklace is also so cute! I can imagine it would look amazing paired with a black top xx

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