Beauty Wish List #5

beauty wish list

Lately there has been lots of new launches and that means lots of new products on my shopping list.

Clinique Cheek Pops

These have been out for a while and I’ve been to the counter countless times to swatch them and the thing stopping from buying one is the fact I can’t decide on which one I want. I though I wanted Plum Pop but all four have ended on my shopping list!

Clinique Feathering Mascara

This mascara is something I feel I need to own because Clinique mascaras are amazing, I’ve had all them at some point and I’ve never been disappointed. As soon as my mascara stash has ran out, I will own this one. Onyx

Essie Bridal Collection 2014

This hasn’t launched yet in the UK but judging from American blogs, it looks really pretty and I’m hoping for a mini set of the four polishes because I can’t decide what one I want.

Laura Mercier Full Coverage Concealer

I love the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturisers but I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Secret Camouflage concealer because I prefer liquid concealer. This is designed to work magic on the under eye, I’m wondering if it can knock my beloved Nars Creamy Concealer off the top spot.

Clarins Lip Balm Crayon

I rarely use a “normal” lip stick since Clinique launches the Chubby Sticks, I much prefer the crayon stick style lip balms. Clarins is latest to launch their version so obviously I need one to compare to others. My Pink

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