Models Own Lilac Sheen and Pink Fizz

ls and pf

ls and pf2

I’ve mentioned before that lilac is my favourite nail polish shade and while I looking through my collection, I found this gorgeous Models Own Hypergel shade in Lilac Sheen. I love this shade, it’s a white based lilac, almost a lavender colour. I’ve read really mixed reviews about the Hypergels, some people have said they bubbled really badly and took an age to dry. I’m being completely honest when I say, I’ve had no problems with them. This paints really easily, it’s never bubbled and the dry time is roughly the same compared to other polishes. I’ve even bought more shades from the Hypergel range and they’re great too. On top I’ve layered Pink Fizz which is a lovely rose circular glitter, I particularly like this glitter because it’s quite easy to remove.

ls and pf3

What do you think?


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