Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara

Max Factor 1

Max Factor 2

Max Factor are great at mascaras, False Lash Effect and Clump Defy are two of my all time favourite mascaras and I recommend them to anyone who’ll listen! A while ago they launched of a range of mascaras designed to enhance the colour of your eyes by adding complementing tones to black mascara. I bought the one for green eyes.

Max Factor 3

I have quite mixed feelings about this mascara, it has a lot of good points but one big downfall for me. On the positive side, I like shape and size of the wand, it’s big enough to give volume but not so big that most of the mascara will end up on your eyelid and cheek. The wand grabs each lash and it can reach the inner corners. It’s gives pretty good volume, enough for during the day but not enough for a night out. The formula is quite dry which I prefer, I think mascara perform better when they dry out a bit. It lasts pretty well but I did start to notice some smudging after about six hours, False Lash Effect lasts much better, in my opinion.

Max Factor 4

My big problem is that fact that it isn’t a black mascara. It’s marketed as a tonal black mascara, I was expecting a black with some flickers of colour, probably a purple tone to accentuate green eyes like the L’Oreal ones a few years ago. However, this was brown, I think this picture shows the colour of the mascara quite well and I don’t think it looks black. I always buy black mascara, I think any other colour is pointless. I just didn’t feel this did much for my lashes because it was brown and I didn’t think it brought out the green in my eyes.

Overall, a little bit of a let down. It’s not the worst mascara I’ve ever tried but I think there better mascaras available from Max Factor.


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