Mascara Clear Out

revlon lash potion waterproof clinique high impact rimmel retro glam extreme max factor eye brightening mascara green rockin curves mascara

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I love mascara and I own more than I need. Recently I looked through my stash of mascaras and decided it was time to use as many as I could, these seven are the ones I’ve finished so far.

Rimmel Rockin Curves was a bit of a let down. The main downside to this mascara was the shape of the wand, it really didn’t do anything for my lashes. I can’t remember where I got the mini Clinique High Impact, I think it was from a Bonus Time gift with purchase. I absolutely love this mascara, it gives volume, length, holds a curl and it doesn’t smudge or flake and I really recommend it. I love it and I always buy it if I have a special occasion. Next up is Rimmel Retro Gram, it’s a good mascara, I used it up and it was good but I doubt I would repurchase it. Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof is a fantastic mascara, it gives so much volume but it doesn’t clump. Max Factor Brightening Mascara, I didn’t even finish it. It just did nothing for my lashes because it was brown. It could be a great mascara because the wand is a good shape but I like my mascara to be super black. Barry M is never a brand to look to for mascara but the Lash Vegas mascara was surprisingly good, I particularly liked the small wand but it didn’t hold a curl but my lashes are very difficult to curl. Finally, we have the extreme version of the Rimmel Retro Glam, I don’t think there is any different between this and the original formula and I don’t think I would repurchase it.

Have you tried any on these mascaras?


8 thoughts on “Mascara Clear Out

  1. I don’t think that I’ve tried any of these mascaras! I bought the They’re Real! Mascara from Benefit and that was great, I would repurchase it but it’s kinda pricey! I got the Maybelline The Falsies one recently, and it’s growing on me! It’s so difficult to find a really, really good mascara that does it all, isn’t it?! (Thanks for tweeting me your link by the way!) x

    • I’m a total mascara addict, if a new one launches I’ve got to buy it! I don’t think I’ve found the perfect mascara yet. I do love Clinique High Impact, though. 🙂

  2. I desperately need to do this, the amount of mascaras I have is a joke. Particularly because I only ever use two at one time, one for everyday and the other for like a night time look. The Lash Potion is my current go-to and I really like it. I don’t feel like the effect is that noticeable and I was expecting more considered the marketing around it, even the name to me implies like a big difference. But for an everyday look it’s pretty perfect.


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