That Eyeko Liner

Eyeko Skinny Liner in Black glamour magazine july 2014 felt tip liner alexa chung

You’ll be probably be aware that Glamour and Eyeko teamed up this month to give reader a Skinny Liquid Liner in either Black and Navy. The liner itself is worth £12 and the magazine is only £2 so it was a bargain and the perfect time to try the liner because you’re saving £10. However, a lot of people took to Twitter to complain their liner was either completely dried up when they bought it or it dried out after the first use – a little unfair and hugely annoying.

Eyeko Skinny Liner in Black close up felt tip liner pen liner july 2014 glamour magazine aleza chung

I know for a lot people the free liner what their first experience of Eyeko liners but I had actually used them before. I used the Skinny Liner years ago after I seen Lisa Eldridge use a green one in one of her tutorials. I was really impressed by it, it was super black and the fine nib made it easy to get into the root of the lashes and I found it easier to get a flick with a pen style liner. I bought Glamour magazine earlier in the month and I got the navy liner and to my disappointment it was completely dry, I couldn’t use it even once. I was annoyed but I felt it was the luck of the draw and I wasn’t even going to write a post about it until I notice the huge surge in blog posts about the same problems with said liner but I noticed the problems seemed to be with the navy liner and not the black. I decided to give the liner another go and I went searching for a copy with the black liner and it’s perfect, just as good as the liner I bought years ago and I’ve had it for a few days and used it each day and it’s not dried out, it’s perfect.

I really think the liners were just luck, I don’t think Eyeko purposely gave liners that were damaged because it would be pointless, it wouldn’t do their image any good – for a lot of people it was their first time trying Eyeko so they definitely wouldn’t want that first impression be of a dried up liner! I feel Eyeko is getting a little bit of a hard time on Twitter about the liner, I know it’s annoying but pen liners generally don’t last and it was a cheaper way to try the brand. The liner did reignite my interest in Eyeko, I used to use one of the mascaras when it was stocked in Superdrug and I loved it. I can’t remember the exact price but it was around £5 but in 2011 Eyeko was removed from Superdrug and it was re-launched as a high end brand. I’m not a beauty insider just a beauty obsessive but I was a little shocked by the price hike but I’ve read online it was not Eyeko’s decision to sell the mascaras cheaper in Superdrug. However, I am interested in trying the mascaras again and the new Me and My Shadow sticks and the Hydra Patches for eyes (I think they’ll be great for the hay fever season) so I’ll definitely be getting back into Eyeko again and I hope the liner problems haven’t put anyone off the brand because the liner and mascaras are fab. I think if you have had problems with the Eyeko liner, you shouldn’t write off Eyeko just yet because they are a good brand and the mascara I used was fantastic.

If you’re a mascara/liner obsessive like me and you like Eyeko and Alexa Chung, you need to watch the Lisa Eldridge tutorial!

Did you buy the magazine? What was the liner like? Have you tried Eyeko before? What did you think?


24 thoughts on “That Eyeko Liner

  1. I bought Glamour to try this too! It’s definitely down to luck of the liners because mines not dried out, however I find it just drags across my eyelid & doesn’t work 😦 I was really excited at first because I tested it on my hand & it applied really well/didn’t budge either but I just can’t get it to work on my eyelids!

    L x

  2. I got this in glamour magazine and have had an amazing experience with it so far! Obviously it could still dry up but for the minute it’s great!x

  3. I bought the magazine last summer and the black pen had dried up 😦 i was so sad but like you said i do think it’s all luck of the draw to be honest. Nice post xx

  4. I saw loads of people complaining that theirs had dried up too, I bought a black one and it was fine so maybe it was just a problem with the blue ones. I also used to love their mascara way back in the day xx

    • The liner has definitely renewed my interest in the brand and they have expanded since I last used the mascara so I think it’s time I looked at their products again, I also loved the mascara! 🙂

  5. I got the navy liner and while it’s not completely dried out application is still quite patchy, although that may be because it dries so quickly? I don’t want to write it off just yet! xx

  6. So strange you found this because I found the opposite! I’ve had a black Eyeko eyeliner before and it worked fine for one eye but dried up on the second and I hated it. I bought this month’s Glamour with the Navy Liner but actually found it’s slightly better than the black I’d tried before and while not great, it doesn’t dry up before I chance to finish! I would never purchase this at full price due to the sheer amount of people I’ve read saying negative things, it seems to be too risky for the price x

    • I found exactly the same thing, with the black it went on really well for the first eye and I was so impressed but then it dried up! Shame because otherwise it’s a great product. xx

  7. I was very excited to give this eyeliner a go when it came with my Glamour subscription. I have been impressed with it as a freebie as I’ve found it to give a good colour and be long lasting. I was very surprised that lots of bloggers had liners which had dried out, I suppose it’s the look of the draw though. Great post lovely xx

  8. I was hoping to get the black one but got the navy one. I was lucky, mine wasn’t dry… But I actually do need to try it again to see what is like now

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