The Perfect Hair Bobble

invisibobble hair band best the traceless hair ring my beauty notes

I know hair bands aren’t most interesting beauty item but if you have long hair or thick hair you’ll know how annoying it is when hair bobble keeps falling out and just doesn’t hold a pony tail. I seen Invisibobble quite a while ago and I wasn’t sure if it was just a gimmick because it doesn’t look that revolutionary (it looks like an old-fashioned telephone cable) but I bought them to see if it lives up to the claims on the packaging. Honestly I can say the claims are true. My hair never says in a bobble longer than a few minutes but I can wear a pony tail all day without bits of hair falling lose or the bobble falling out. Also it claims to avoid the whole headache induced bobble and it does, it doesn’t feel tight or sore. I was quite sceptical about the claim about avoiding kinks in the hair because I thought all bobbles did because it was tightly holding the hair but this doesn’t leave a line or a kink after you talk it out.

I’m really impressed and they do work. Invisibobble comes in loads of colours so you can either get a colour you like or maybe a shade to match your hair colour.


12 thoughts on “The Perfect Hair Bobble

  1. I’ve bought three boxes for myself in transparent, and a few boxes for my mum as we both have think hair. I was sceptical too at first, but it’s amazing how something so simple looking makes such a difference isn’t it. 😊

  2. I have these, my mum picked them up at the hairdressers for me. I havent used them yet as I thought they sounded a bit of a gimmick and doubted that they would work, I may give them ago now that I have been reassured by your post!

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