Tigi Urban Anti-Dotes Reboot Scalp Shampoo*

Tigi Reboot Shampoo Scalp Level 0 My Beauty Notes Blog Review

I’ve never had a problem with my scalp but I know a few people who have suffer from dryness if they use certain hair styling products and they always say it’s a real annoyance. Aside from the fact a dry scalp can be uncomfortable, they find it difficult to find products that help their scalp but also leaves their hair shiny, soft and manageable.

Tigi has extended their Urban Anti-Dotes range to include a shampoo called Reboot designed for scalps that are dry and need a little bit of extra pampering and moisture. Since I’m not the best placed person to whether it works for dry scalps, I decided to use it on my hair to see if it avoided the whole dull hair situation and let a friend try it to see what they thought because they have a dry scalp.

Tigi Reboot Shampoo Scalp Level 0 My Beauty Notes Blog Review

Firstly, it feels just like any other shampoo, sometimes shampoos for problem scalps can have a really overpowering mint scent or the consistency is more like thick cream but this is the consistency of a normal shampoo and it has a slight mint scent. It left my hair feeling soft and hydrated, not at all greasy or lifeless. Also my hair was easy to style because some scalp shampoos just leave hair limp, it was like I used a normal shampoo.

Next up is my friend with scalp problems, she said her scalp felt soothed and not dry like when she uses normal shampoos. She was also impressed by the shine it gave her hair because she was used to her being quite dull after using scalp shampoos. She was really impressed by the shampoo and she even said she would buy it when it launches.

Overall, it got a huge thumbs up from and someone who suffers with a problem scalp. It’s due to launch any day now and it will be £11.50


4 thoughts on “Tigi Urban Anti-Dotes Reboot Scalp Shampoo*

  1. my hair is becoming so dry! I think it’s all the hot weather drying my scalp out so it’s a bit flaky… I’m going to try this:) thank you, great review!

    Mollie xx

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