Makeup Bag Obsession

makeup bag collage 

I know in theory you only need one makeup bag but I can’t help looking at them online or buying them. I have  more than enough makeup bags so I’ve banned myself from buying anymore but that doesn’t stop me compiling a list of the ones I want!


First up is the really pretty pouch from Bluebellgray. Bluebellgray is a gorgeous Glasgow based textile studio, I love the prints, everything looks charming, my favourite is this print, Abstract. I think this is the perfect size for my handbag because it’s just right for keeping all the little essentials in and stopping them floating around the bottom of my bag.

pink satchel makeup bag

I love satchels, I have a gorgeous Cambridge satchel and a couple fashion satchels so when I seen makeup bag with a satchel on it, I fell in love with it. Its available in three colours (pink, blue and green) but the pink is my favourite. The bag is from Catseye London, the make up bags are amazing quality. The whole bag, inside and out is made from a really durable PVC so it anything leaks or spills, it’s easy to clean up.

yorkie makeup bag

Also from Catseye London is the super cut Yorkie makeup bag. The brand does a range of makeup bags with various cats and dogs so have a look if you have preference, I think this style of makeup bag is s great gift for a pet owner.

makeupa_1 (2)

Finally, I love Alphabet Bags as a brand, it’s such a simple and chic concept, bags with initials. I have a pouch from Alphabet Bags which I sometimes use to store to makeup in or sometimes I use it as a little clutch. This is the makeup bag, I bought one of these as a gift for a friend and I was really impressed with the quality, it’s durable and wipe clean. My friend was delighted with it.

Do you love makeup bags like me? What are your favourites?

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