New In From Zoya

Yesterday I shared with you the two gorgeous collections from Butter London so today I would thought I would share with you two amazing collections from Zoya. I think Zoya is often forgotten about when it comes to nails but I really recommend checking them out because the formula skip out all the nasties and the colours are amazing, I have a couple of Zoya polishes and I love them!
ZP bubbly group_BOTTLE drip_CMYK sm r

First up is my personal favourite, the Bubbly Collection. The polishes from left to right are – Alma, Jesy, Harper, Binx, Muse and Stassi. My personal favourites Alma, Harper and Binx. The collection is really unusual, its described as a holographic, jelly finish so it’s perfect for the collection. I definitely need to get one or three!

awaken collection

Next up is the Awaken collection, on the top level we have (left to right) Dillion, which is a shimmery mint green, Rebel, a shimmery sky blue, Hudson, a shimmery light purple and on the bottom from left to right is Dot, a baby pink, Cole, a gorgeous peach and Brooklyn, a shimmer gold/yellow polish. My favourites are Hudson because I love purple and lilac polish and Cole because I’m going through a real peach phase.

What do you think of the collections? What are your favourites?

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