Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Spong Pixiwoo Beauty Blender

I had a Beauty Blender a long time ago and I really liked it but I thought it was overpriced for a sponge and I felt I could never get it completely clean and I ended up throwing it away after a while because of the whole hygiene situation. I bought the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge when it first launched last year and I thought it was a perfect dupe for the Beauty Blender, actually I thought it could have been a little better because of the shape but the same thing happened, I throw it away eventually because I felt it wasn’t clean enough.

I bought it again a while ago as part of the Boots 3 for 2 and I’m completely wowed all over again. I love this sponge for working my foundation into the skin. I feel when I use this sponge to apply my foundation, it goes on better and lasts longer. Also the flat side of the sponge is great for blending under eye concealer into foundation so it looks seamless. I know I’ll end up binning this after a while too but I’m so paranoid about bacteria on makeup tools because I really don’t want anymore breakouts but it’s a lot cheaper than the Beauty Blender so I don’t feel as bad.

I think this is a total bargain at £5.99. I wouldn’t chose the Beauty Blender because there is no point in spending almost four times the money on something when there is a great high street dupe.

Have you tried this? What so you think?

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9 thoughts on “Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

  1. I love this little Real Techniques sponge too, I always find their range great quality and great prices.

    You’re right, they don’t clean up great and mine has started to crack a little bit. Need to get a new one but for the amount of money spent, you don’t mind replacing it every once in a while xx

  2. I’m actually not surprised at all , Real techniques have been going down a storm !. What does surprise me is the price. ITS SO CHEAP 😛 I have actually never tried sponges but I think I might give this a go to see how I’d like it. Its a bit disappointing it doesn’t clean very well but I guess like you said your better of replacing the Real Techniques sponge often than having to pay for the beauty blender 🙂 x Great post doll, Thanks for sending me your link !x
    Cait ||

    • It does clean well but I’m just paranoid about not being completely clean because I don’t want breakouts! I would rather pay £5/6 than buy the Beauty Blender because I don’t think there is a difference in quality.

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