Topshop Beauty Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

topshop AW14 collection

How pretty does this year’s A/W collection from Topshop look? The collection is all about enhancing the dewiness of the lips and cheeks with jelly formulas. As the picture shows there is five shades groupings in the collection. Each shade has lip polish, a cheek gel and a nail polish so it’s perfect if you like the matchy-matchy look.

The cheek gels are designed to give cheeks a “rain kissed finish” and can either be a subtle flush of dewy glow or layered up for a bold pop of colour. There are five cheek gels in collection, Phenomenon (coral), Beep (bright red), Reign (raspberry), Sibling (plum) and Museum (brick red). The cheek gels are priced at £7.

The lip polishes have a moisturising formula and a glossy finish. There are five lip polishes in the collection, Prodigy (coral), Horn (bright red), Harness (raspberry), Twin (plum) and Gallery (brick red). The lip polishes are priced at £9.

In the nail polishe0s, there is Genius (coral), Toot (bright red), Bind (raspberry), Middle Child (plum) and Exhibit (brick red). The nail polishes are priced at £5.

My personal favourites from the collection is the Reign Cheek Gel, Harness lip polish and Bind, Middle Child and Exhibit nail polishes.

What are your favourites?

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