The Bathory*

The Bathory blend 1

Last week The Bathory very kindly contacted me to ask if I would like to mix my own blend of bath salts to try. I’m not the biggest bath person but I was really intrigued by the brand because I’ve never came across anything like it before.

The brand have three blends of bath salts, Bask, Sooth or Detox. Each of the blends use a base of Epsom salts which is almost the best kind of bath salts because they draw the toxins out of the body and relax the muscles. After you’ve chosen you’re blend, I chose Bask, you get to chose three oils to be incorporated in the blend. There is a list of ten oils and you can pick any three but there is guidance about what oils complement each other. I picked Chamomile, Frankincense and Lavender. I had absolutely no idea what oils would work best but I picked these three because I wanted something that was relaxing and might help me sleep.

The Bathory 2

The packaging is really expensive looking, I think. The sleek black container looks really chic in a bathroom and I like the simple brown packaging it arrives in. I think the look of product would appeal to mean as well women. The postage was super quick, they arrived the next day which I think is really impressive anyway but it’s more impressive when you consider you’re choosing the oils.

Overall, I’m really impressed. I think the branding and the marketing is different to anything I’ve seen before and I like the fact you get to chose the blend so it’s suited to your requirements.

Have you tried The Bathory?

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