TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy*

tigi nocturnal hair treatment overnight hair treatment

TIGI’s latest hair mask, Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy, is designed that needs a little extra TLC because it’s been damaged through the sun, heat styling or just general neglect. We’re all guilty of skipping heat protection or using harsh products so it’s good to have an intensive mask in your beauty stores to pamper you locks. As the name would suggest this mask is designed to be used overnight. Around once a week, before bed, you emulsify two to three pumps and massage it into the mid-lengths and ends and then sleep on and shampoo out in the morning and the formula is designed to avoid any product on your pillow. Among the ingredients is Keratin, Kervais and Babassu Oil which seals damaged cuticles and therefore gives a smoother look to the hair. It also claims to rejuvenate the hair.

I’ve only used it a couple of times so it’s too early to stay if it’s having a long term effect to my hair by rejuvenating it but I can say it made my a lot smoother in texture and appearance and my hair was super shiny.

Will you be picking this mask up?

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2 thoughts on “TIGI Hair Reborn Reparative Nocturnal Therapy*

  1. My hair has been neglected so much and really does need something that will liven it up. So if it makes a little different after only a couple of uses I really do need to try it out. Kelly x

  2. This stuff is AWESOME!!! I started using it because most of my curl pattern had been stripped due to intense coloring treatments. Well, I’ve been using this product about once a week (the night before I shampoo my hair) for about 3 months. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference. My curl pattern has returned (even better than ever), my hair is super shiny and resilient. I’m going to be sure to keep this in stock. I wish I can upload a photo. I’ve even started using on my 5 year old daugther’s hair (once a week as well). I get tons of compliments on how healthy her hair looks. It’s a little expensive to use on children, but to me it’s worth it to set the foundation of healthy hair for her in the future. A plus is that it really smells good, so my husband doesn’t even notice that I’m coming to bed with a “treatment” on my hair. He just thinks its a new perfume 🙂 Most “treatments” smell horribly.

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