The Country Candle Company*


A few weeks ago, The Country Candle Company were looking for bloggers to review candles. Now I’m not a candle obsessive like some people but I do like scented candles but I’m not the type of person to spend a fortune on a candle because I feel like I’m burning my money away! Do you ever feel like that?

However, The Country Candle Company is really reasonable priced and the quality is fab. The brand is a small company based in Wiltshire in England. The candles are handmade in a factory using premium ingredients. I was sent Lavender and Bergamot from the Polka Dot Collection. Firstly, I love the packaging, I love candles in tins and I love anything with polka dots.

This candle is priced at £8.50 which is pretty reasonable and it has a burn time of around 30 hours. The scent of my one is quite herbal, it reminds me of a spa or a health food shop but in a nice way. I don’t usually anything with a herbal scent but I really like this.

What do you think? Will you be trying any of the candles?

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