MUA Peel Off Base Coat

MUA Peel Off Base Coat

Whoever thought of a peelable base coat for nails, you are a genius and I salute you! I love me some glitter nail polishes but they’re a real pain to remove and now we’re getting closer to the festive season and its time to dig out the glitters again.

MUA has recently launched a peelable base coat and it does exactly what it says. I used this the other night with glitter polish and I managed to peel it off the next morning without any hassle. This isn’t the base coat you buy to use generally because polish will not last past a day at the most but its perfect for glitter.

I have a top tip for using this base coat, paint it on, let it set and then start painting the polish straight away as it will start to peel after a while when its on its own.

Have you tried it? Will you be buying it for the seasonal period?

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10 thoughts on “MUA Peel Off Base Coat

  1. Ooh I’ve never seen this product before, I think it is something I’m likely to buy as I love glitter nail varnish but find it so hard to remove so much so it puts me off using it. I think this product would also be good for people who maybe aren’t allowed to wear nail polish for work (nurses etc) as they could peel it off easily, Thankyou for letting me know about this product πŸ™‚

  2. MUA are so amazing! I saw this in superdrug but could not think of a use for it, glitter nail polish is such a good idea omgosh! Come christmas party time I might have to buy some:)

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