Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body Cream

I’m addicted to hand cream, I can’t count how many times a day I apply hand cream and I really like Antipodes but it’s quite difficult to find. I love the packaging of Antipodes products, the metal tubes look good and it means you can get every drop of product out, I wish more brands put their products in tubes like this and it’s bright pink which immediately appeals to me.

It is quite expensive for a hand cream (it’s also a body cream but I just use it for my hands because I think it would run out really quickly if you used it for both), it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a hand cream but I do think it’s worth it because it’s a truly gorgeous hand cream and you can quite a large tube for the price (120ml). It smells beautiful, it smells like perfume, it’s fruity but floral. It’s quite a thick cream, it contains avocado oil which is brilliant for intensely moisturising dry skin but it doesn’t leave a horrible greasy film over my hands. I apply more often than necessary because I like my hands to feel really moisturised and the smell is just divine but it is really heavy duty and would be great for someone with really dry skin.

Antipodes is really good brand but I feel it’s quite overlooked, it’s organic and the products contain ingredients which actually do something. I know it’s expensive but it’s nice for a treat and I do think its worth it’s price tag.

Available from Feel Unique and Selfridges.