Balance Me Radiance Face Oil

balance me radiance oil

Facial oils were never a product I thought I would like because I don’t like the texture of oils on the skin and I know certain oils are good for combination skin but I don’t like the oily feeling. However, my mind has  been changed thanks to Balance Me.

I don’t need to say how much I like Balance Me, I already use several of their products on a daily basis. I had a mini version of the oil because it came as part of one of their gift sets but I never used it until recently, I read quite a bit online about the oil helping with congested skin and redness left behind from blemishes and I can honestly say, it’s amazing.

I never use spot treatments because I’ve never found one that works but I been applying this to any blemishes and it’s gone in half the time. After blemishes have gone I’m sometimes left with red marks that takes months to fade but this has radically reduced the redness in about four weeks, I’m hoping the redness will be completely gone soon.

If you suffer from blemishes, I cannot recommend this enough, I’ve since bought the rollerball and I will never be without it.

Special Note – Balance Me will soon be available from Debenhams.


Skincare for Beginners

I am by no means a skincare expert, I’m not very adventurous when it comes to skincare, I don’t think skincare needs to cost the earth and I don’t think skincare needs to be too fussy. Once I find something that works for my skin, I tend to stick to it because my skin goes crazy if I switch products often. I read reviews and I read ingredients of products but I think skincare is really personal and what works for me might not work for you and vice versa. These are my favourite budget friendly skincare items, there is other products I like but they’re a bit more expensive but not crazy expensive (I’m not the kind of person to £20+ on a cleanser).

I think cleansing is the most important because if your skin isn’t clean you can get breakouts. I really like the Simple Moisturising Face Wash, generally I find face washes harsh and drying but I like this one for the morning and it’s never dried my skin out. I also really like Avene’s Extremely Gentle Cleanser is one of my all time favourite cleanser, it’s incredibly gentle and it’s never broke me out and it helps my skin to calm down when it’s a little crazy. For taking off my makeup I tend to use creamy cleansers, I don’t like oils or balm cleansers, I don’t like how they feel on my skin. My all time favourite cleanser is Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish but a fantastic cheaper option is the Simple Cleansing Lotion.

Moisturiser is a really important, I still haven’t found one I love but I do like a few. Everyone needs moisturiser, even oily skins because skin needs hydration.

I’m currently using the Balance Me Balancing Moisturiser and I really like it. It’s incredibly light but it’s enough moisture for my oily/combination skin but it doesn’t leave any shiny or tacky residue and it’s a great base for make-up. If your skin is more on the drier side, Balance Me Moisturise Rich face cream is a thicker formula for comforting dry skin. The best cheaper moisturisers I’ve found are the Garnier Moisture Match range, there are five different moisturisers aimed at different skin types and concerns, I have the one for oily skin and I really like it.

Eye creams aren’t an essential for a lot of people but I like eye creams, the skin under the eyes is much thinner than the rest of the face and eyes are always the first place to show aging. My favourites are the Origins Eye Doctor eye cream, it’s really hydrating Benefit It’s Potent, very hydrating and makes a good base for concealer.

For masks. I mostly use clay masks and occasionally I use a hydrating mask when I feel my skin needs it. My favourites clay masks are Origins Clear Improvements  and Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask. My favourite hydration mask is the Dr Jart+ Moist Water Max Sleeping Mask which is utterly amazing and it’s quite often on offer in Boots.

I hope some of these recommendations are helpful and there obviously other great, affordable products out there but these are my favourites and I’ve found them to be really effective.

What are your favourite affordable skincare products?

Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser

balance me moistuiser

I find it difficult to find a day cream I like, I want it to be light and easily absorbed without any shiny or tacky residue, I’ve never found one I really love. Balance Me is one of my favourite companies, every product I’ve tried I’ve loved, the products do not disappoint.

balance me moisturiser 2

I really like the mini versions Balance Me sells because it’s a good way to try a product without getting the full size in case you don’t like it, I wish more companies would do mini versions of their products. I want a moisturiser to be incredibly light, I want my skin to absorb it instantly and I don’t want a shiny or tacky residue. This day cream is absolutely perfect, it’s very light and it sinks in immediately and provides enough moisture without clogging pores and it feels very soothing on the skin, like it’s helping to keep my skin under control. It also makes a really good make-up base.

If you have oily skin but needs some hydration and don’t want anything heavy, this is perfect, I’ve ordered the full size.

Balance Me Face Wash

I’m not the biggest fan of face washes because they tend to contain sodium lauryl sulphate which is an artificial foaming agent and can be drying on the skin but this face wash is from one of my favourite beauty brands and it came free with this month’s Glamour so it was the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Balance Me is a really nice beauty brand, the products are as natural as possible and it’s not the most expensive brand out there but the products are really good quality. I’ve already tried the Balm cleanser and I really liked it, it’s a very thorough cleanser but it leaves the skin soft and moisturised so I had high hopes for the face wash.

This face wash is free from sulphates and all other nasties, such as, mineral oil, parabans, silicones and artificial colours and fragrance. It’s very gentle on the skin but it removes all make-up without feeling harsh and like it’s stripping the skin of moisture and oil. I been using it by putting a small amount on a damp hands but applying to dry skin and the massaging it  to remove make-up and general dirt and then removing it with a damp face cloth and it works really well. I really like it and I would probably buy the full size but I do think if you wear quite heavy make-up this wouldn’t remove it.

It’s £16 for 125ml from the Balance Me website but you can get a 50ml free with the August edition of Glamour Magazine.

Balance Me Exfoliating Polish

I really like the brand Balance Me, I’m using more and more of their products, I like the ethos of the brand and the products are top notch. I’ve tried a few items from the body care range and liked each one of them, especially the Rose products. I’m not fussy over body products, I’m not the type of person to spend a fortune on a shower gel but every now and then I do like to buy a something a bit high end so when I ran out of my body scrub I bought this one.

The packaging is very minimal and easy to open and store. The scrub smells like spearmint and the grains are quite small but really effective, when it applied to damp skin and buffed into the skin, it removes all dead skin cells and leaves skin very soft and moisturised and because of the coconut and sweet almond oil I can skip body cream. I think this would be great if you fake tan because it’s very thorough and hydrating but it doesn’t leave an oily residue but I don’t fake tan so I’m not an expert. I’ve been using this twice a week for the past four weeks and my skin has never felt or looked better, I’m really pleased I bought it and I would probably repurchase it. It isn’t the cheapest body scrub on the market but I think it’s well worth the money, it leaves the skin soft and healthy feeling and it’s free from chemical nasties.

It’s £15 for 220ml and available from the Balance Me website

Balance Me Rose Otto Body Wash and Body Cream

I love the Balance Me Rose Otto hand cream, it smells divine and does the job of a hand cream without being greasy, so I had to try the matching body wash and cream. Firstly, it smells just as good as the hand cream, I love it. The shower gel is sulphate free and but it foams like a normal body wash, its moisturising and gentle and it feels really luxurious. The body cream is rich and super moisturising but not greasy and sticky. It makes my skin soft and the smell lingers on the skin, which is just gorgeous.

Have you tried anything from Balance Me?

Balance Me Rose Otto Hand Cream

This has to be the best smelling hand cream I have ever used, it smells divine. Aside from the smell, it’s a really good hand cream and has become a must have in my handbag. It’s brilliant for the freezing cold weather, it’s stopped my hands from becoming dry and red with the cold and snow and despite being quite heavy-duty, it doesn’t leave my hands feeling sticky, just hydrated and soft. I love it, next on my list is the body lotion.

Balance Me Skin Bright Hydrating Mist

I’ve never really paid attention to facial sprays but recently my skin has been craving hydration and generally looking quite tired because of the awful weather.

I got this to try to put some life back into my skin and it’s really helped to brighten up my skin and it feels quite calming. This mist contains hyaluronic acid, as well as, essential oils and rose water to instantly rehydrate the skin. I’ve been using it after cleansing when my skin feels a little tight to help soothe my skin. I’ve also been using during the  day when my make-up starts to look a bit tired and because it’s a very fine mist it doesn’t wet my face and cause my make-up to slip off, even waterproof mascara doesn’t move.