Soap and Glory Hand Dream

Soap and Glory never disappoint when it comes to hand cream, Hand Food and Endless Glove are at the top of my hand cream favourites.

Hand Dream is the newest hand cream and it’s no disappointment. Hand Dream smells amazing like all Soap and Glory products. The is more moisturising than the other hand creams, it’s brilliant if you suffer from dry hands or if you want a more nourishing hand cream for the colder months. This hand cream is also designed to help prevent the signs of aging showing the hand by using AHAs for cell renewal. I don’t know if it anti-aging because I haven’t been using it long enough but it’s worth a try.

Overall, another lovely hand cream and I’ll definitely repurchase it when I run out.



Cowshed Cow Herb Restoring Hand Cream

Cowshed is one of my favourite brands and I feel no-one talks about them, their hand care range is just gorgeous and the hand washes and hand creams look really good in the home, the packaging is really smart.

I can’t count how many times a day I use hand cream, my hands are quite dry so I’m never without hand cream. The latest edition to Cowshed’s lovely range of hand creams is Cow Herb which is to celebrate Cowshed’s fifteenth anniversary and inspiration is drawn from Babington House.

Like all Cowshed hand creams, the packaging is really sleek and the cream is really moisturising but not at all greasy or sticky. Cow Herb still has the Cowshed smell, it’s very herbal and spa like but with a slight lavender scent.

Overall, a truly lovely hand cream that I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s £16 for 300ml and available from John Lewis and Cowshed directly.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Nourishing Hand Cream

I love hand cream, it’s one of my favourite beauty products, I can’t count how many times a day I use it. Nuxe is a really great brand, I’ve tried a lot of the face and boy products and I’ve never been disappointed, you can always rely on Nuxe for a good product.

This hand cream is designed to help repair dry and it has anti-aging properties, I didn’t buy it for the anti-aging but I suppose it’s never to early to start protecting my hands. It has quite a thick consistency but it doesn’t leaves my hands feeling greasy and sticky like some others do, my hands just feel really moisturised and soft and it absorbed really quickly. I’ve noticed since I’ve been using this, my cuticles have been in better conditions, I really have to look after my cuticles but this has really helped. It also smells nice, it smells like honey but it’s not really sweet and synthetic.

It’s not the cheapest hand cream on the market but it is one of the best I’ve used and I would repurchase it, especially during the winter. It’s £10 for 75ml and it available from Feel Unique.

Antipodes Joyful Hand and Body Cream

I’m addicted to hand cream, I can’t count how many times a day I apply hand cream and I really like Antipodes but it’s quite difficult to find. I love the packaging of Antipodes products, the metal tubes look good and it means you can get every drop of product out, I wish more brands put their products in tubes like this and it’s bright pink which immediately appeals to me.

It is quite expensive for a hand cream (it’s also a body cream but I just use it for my hands because I think it would run out really quickly if you used it for both), it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a hand cream but I do think it’s worth it because it’s a truly gorgeous hand cream and you can quite a large tube for the price (120ml). It smells beautiful, it smells like perfume, it’s fruity but floral. It’s quite a thick cream, it contains avocado oil which is brilliant for intensely moisturising dry skin but it doesn’t leave a horrible greasy film over my hands. I apply more often than necessary because I like my hands to feel really moisturised and the smell is just divine but it is really heavy duty and would be great for someone with really dry skin.

Antipodes is really good brand but I feel it’s quite overlooked, it’s organic and the products contain ingredients which actually do something. I know it’s expensive but it’s nice for a treat and I do think its worth it’s price tag.

Available from Feel Unique and Selfridges.

Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter

As the last few posts I’ve shown, I’m going through a bit of a Body Shop phase, I forgot how good their products are.

I’ve got the Rose Hand Cream and I really like it, it’s not greasy or sticky but it’s very moisturising and hydrating (I’ve done a full post on it). There is also a hand butter in the range, which is a more intense.

It smells lovely, the smell was the reason I bought it. The texture is thicker than a normal hand cream, it has a similar consistency to a body butter but it is slightly lighter. It’s targeted at mature skins but I wanted it just for the scent and my hands aren’t showing the signs of aging so I can’t say if it helps with improving the appearance of mature skin. I use at night before bed because it’s too thick to use as a regular hand cream and it takes a while to sink it. When I’ve used this my hands have felt really soft and hydrated the next morning and I’ve noticed I hardly need to use hand cream during the day.

Overall, I really like it and I would recommend it, if you need a proper, heavy duty hand cream but it’s super moisturising.

It’s available from The Body Shop and the website, it’s £11 but there’s currently 30% off.

Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Care

Body Shop Rose Hand Cream with title

I love hand cream, I use it all the time and I’m always trying new ones. The Body Shop is one of my favourite shops, it has a million and one products and there are some real hidden gems. The Almond hand care range is perhaps their most famous but a recent edition was the Wild Rose range.

The range is targeted at mature skins but I love the smell of roses so it immediately appealed to me. The hand cream has SPF15 which is quite unusual to find in a cheaper hand cream and lots of people forget to protect their hands during the sunny weather, its designed to moisturise hands and fade brown spots. I don’t know if it fade brown spots because I don’t have any. It smells lovely, it leaves hands nicely moisturised and soft but not oily and sticky. I really like the packaging of Body Shop hand creams, the metal tube means you can get ever last bit of product out.

Overall, it’s a really good hand cream and I would repurchase it and I really recommend it.

Available from the Body Shop and the website, prices start from £5.

Soap and Glory Endless Glove Hand Cream and Mask

endless glove
I absolutely love hand cream, I slightly obsessed by it, every time I wash my hands or use hand sanitiser, I immediately apply hand cream. My favourite is Soap and Glory Hand Food, it has a nice smell, it’s absorbed quickly and it doesn’t leave hands greasy. They’re latest hand cream also doubles up as a moisture mask for your hands, the idea is you can use it like a traditional hand cream but at night you can layer it on thicker and sleep in moisture gloves and the next day you wake up with beautifully moisturised hands. It works really well as a normal hand cream, just as good as Hand Food, and it does work as an overnight mask, if you can sleep with gloves on (I can’t!).