Bee Good Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm*

Bee Good Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm natural british blog review

I have a lip balm problem. If you were to look in any jacket pocket or handbag of mine you would find a handful of lip balms, I can’t stop using them or buying them. I was very kindly sent this lip balm by Bee Good to try and I’m really glad I was. I have incredibly dry lips all the time it seems so I know my lip balms.

The Bee Good Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm* is very moisturising and it leaves the lips with a lovely sheen so it’s perfect for during the day because it’s hydrating whilst acting as a subtle lip shine. It’s not tinted and the consistency is quite runny so it’s not sticky or glooping and it’s not as thick as something like Nuxe Reve De Meil. The packaging means it’s perfect for applying on the go because you don’t need to use your fingers so it’s very hygienic. I think it acts as a lip protector, I used this when I had chapped lips and it helped protect my lips from cracking in the wind (it might be summer but we’ve had some windy weather!).

On a little note about the packaging, I really like the cute little tube with the little bumble bees.

I really recommend you have a look at this lip balm and the brand in general because it’s a really nice, natural brand, there’s no nasties in any of the products and the brand is cruelty free.

Bee Good Vanilla and Honey Lip Balm is priced at £4.75.

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Nuxe Reve de Miel

Nuxe with title

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of Nuxe Reve de Miel. I’ve been using this lip balm for years, I started using it when it was quite difficult to find in the UK. If you have seriously dry, chapped, sore lips, you need to try this lip balm. I have a real problem with dry lip but this is my saviour.

There is two types of Reve de Miel, the pot lip balm and the stick version. I’ve read lots of things online about the stick not being as good as the pot version so I thought I would do a little post comparing the post.

The pot version is much thicker than the stick balm. I think of the pot version as a treatment to put on my lips overnight to hydrate and heal my lips. The consistency is much thicker, a little like an emollient. The smell is also amazing, it’s smells citrusy, I love it. The stick version doesn’t have the same intense hydration but its fantastic for on the go because I don’t want to be putting my fingers in a lip balm pot when I’m out and about. The stick is great for adding a bit of moisture during the day or acting as barrier from the bitterly cold winds.

I have both and I’ve repurchased time and time again. I always keep the pot beside my bed and I use it every night without fail and I use it during the day if my lips are really sore. As for the stick version, I always have one in my handbag and even I buy other lip balms, this one always stays with me.

If you want to try either one of the lip balms or maybe both, check out Nuxe’s official website.

Have you tried either Reve de Miel?

La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Levres Lip Balm

La Roche Posay Lip Balm cicaplast intense lip balm cracked lip french pharmacy skincare

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I have  real problem with dry, chapped lips and I’m always on the hunt for the perfect lip balm. I do really like the Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment but I just think it’s a little expensive for a tiny tube.

La Roche-Posay is one of my favourite brands, I really like French skincare brands, I think the quality is incredible and the prices are pretty reasonable. This balm is a barrier repairing balm for chapped and cracked lips. Its a proper balm, it’s quite matte so it’s good for men too. It doesn’t look shiny or glossy and it has no scent. I’ve been using this countless times a day for around a week and I think its incredible. My lips feel a lot more hydrated and the cracks have almost gone. I really like this lip balm, I think it’s the best I’ve bought and it’s only £5. I’ve only been able to find it on the Escentual website but I’ve heard its in some Boots stores. I really recommend Escentual, it’s one of my favourite beauty websites, it has lots of French skincare brands and the delivery service is incredible, postage is super fast.

Its £5 for 7.5ml

Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment

I love lip balm, I have too many lip balms to count but I have dry lips pretty much all the time so I always have lip balms close by but when it comes to winter everyone needs to heavy duty lip balm.

Lots are lip balms are good if you just want a bit of moisturise and there other lip balms for pretty badly chapped lips and then there are other lip balms which for seriously dry, chapped lips. Superbalm is for lips which chapped and sore from the cold weather.

It does seem pricey for a lip balm at £13 but if have really dry, chapped lips this will save them and get them back to normal and then you can another cheaper lip balm to for hydration and moisture maintenance. It is quite glossy but I quite like the glossiness because it gives lips a nice sheen because usually really chapped lips can’t wear lip products because it highlights the dryness.

I really love this and this will help my lips survive the cold weather.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Intense Care

maybellin baby lips intensive with title
I have incredibly dry lips all year, I don’t need incredibly intensive lip balm just in the winter, I need it everyday. I have too many lips balms but I couldn’t resist another Baby Lips. I love the packing and the design and the product within is really good.

Intense Care is one the three which has no tint, it just leaves the lips with a nice a sheeny finish. It has a scent but honestly don’t know what it is, it just smells scented and it has SPF20. It is just a lip balm so there’s not much too say but it is very moisturising and it’s stopping my lips from getting chapped. It’s only £2.99 and I think all of the Baby Lips are worth the money. I love them and I can’t recommend them enough.

Maybelline Baby Lips in Pink Punch

baby lips pink punch  1 with title

Baby Lips have finally came to UK, these were perhaps the most hyped up product of the year and I’ve got to say I wasn’t disappointed, they are as good as I hoped. There are six Baby Lips, three are tinted (Pink Punch, Peach Kiss and Cherry Me) and three are non-tinted SPF20 lip balms (Repair, Hydrate and Minty Fresh). I wanted Pink Punch and Peach Kiss but Peach Kiss seems to be sold out everywhere I look.

baby lips 2 with title

Some of the reviews I read declared these the best lip balms in the world and others said they were a bit of a let down. I think Pink Punch is very hydrated and comfortable on the lips and I think the colour payoff is pretty good. This is a proper bubblegum pink shade which can be applied really lightly for a little bit of colour but you can layer it up for a bright pink statement lip. Lastly, I love the cute packaging and it smells amazing, just like a sweet shop and I’m definitely going to get the other five.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Moisturising Stick

I have enough lip balm to last me a lifetime but Nuxe Reve de Miel is one of favourites, it’s my saviour during the winter for chapped lips but recently I tried a new lipstick and I took a really bad allegic reaction so I immediately bought this.

I use a whole of tub of this during the winter and as much as I love it, I prefer lip balms in a tube because I think it’s more hygienic. The packaging is really small and simple, it’s perfect for carrying around in my handbag. This lip balm is just as good as the version in the tub, it feels really thick and moisturising on the lips and it lasts for about four or five without being reapplied and even after it’s worn off, my lips still feel hydrated, it doesn’t leave the lips glossy and sticky.

Overall, this lip balm is one of my absolute favourite beauty products, I would recommend it to anyone who suffers from dry lips because it’s incredibly moisturising and it hasn’t left my handbag since I got it.

It’s available from Marks and Spencer and Feel Unique.

Apivita Pomegranate Lip Care

If there’s one product I don’t need anymore of, it’s lip balm. I have too many even to count, I have normal straight-forward lip balms to heal broken lips, I have ones which don’t do anything but they look pretty and I have ones which do both. Apivita is a brand I don’t know much about, I only discovered them because of the Marks and Spencer Beauty Hall. If you haven’t been to a Marks and Spencer Beauty Hall, I really recommend going to your nearest big store to have a browse, I could spend hours looking at all the products. Apitiva makes lots of products, everything from skin care to body care to hair care. I thought a tinted lip balm was the best way to try the brand and I’m really impressed. I bought the pomegranate version but there are a few others, it looks quite dark in the tube but it’s not pigmented enough to give full colour, it’s more “you’re lips but better”, it just leaves a nice pink tint on the lips which is perfect for daytime. It’s also a good lip balm, it keeps my lip moisturised and hydrated but I don’t think it would heal chapped, dry lips. It contains pomegranate oil and vitamins E, F and C and it’s free from mineral oil, parabens and silicones so it’s great if you try to avoid these ingredients. It also smells really good, it’s got a real fruity smell.

Overall, I thoroughly recommend this lip balm if you’re looking for a good all round lip balm and I’ll definitely be looking at more products from the brand and I really recommend having a look at the Marks and Spencer Beauty Halls.

Soap and Glory A Great Kisser Lip Balm in Vanilla Bean Review

soap and glory lip balm 1
Soap and Glory already have three flavours in this range and this is the latest edition.

I mainly only bought this for the cute packaging, I like products that look a bit retro and I think the packaging is quite similar to Benefit. This smells like vanilla sweets and it leaves my lip with a subtle pinky peachy tint. It’s not that moisturising and it’s not anything particularly unique of different but it is cute.


I would prefer them to be in stick form just because I think tins of lip balm, in general, are a bit unhygienic but its good product nevertheless.