Guide To MAC Foundations

MAC do a lot of foundations and it can be little daunting to go foundation shopping in MAC because there so many different options. I’m by no means a MAC expert but I do love cosmetics and trying new things and MAC is always good place to have a browse. Here is a quick rundown of the foundations, I really recommend if you’re interested in a MAC foundation, you should go to a store or counter and get a personalised recommendation.


Mineralize Moisture Foundation SPF 15

This is newest MAC foundation, it’s aimed at drier skins and provides light coverage but it’s buildable to medium. It has light reflective particles so it’s great if you want that healthy, dewy look.

Face and Body Foundation

This is probably the most famous MAC foundation. It’s designed to be used all over the body and because it contains properties to create a film on the skin and it means it doesn’t transfer. The formula means it needs a good shake to mix the foundation because it separates. It’s light coverage but the more you work it into the skin, the better the coverage becomes and you can more layers for more coverage. The finish is very natural and skin like and tends to suit dry, normal and oily skins.

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

A compact formula foundation, good for normal to oily skin, medium coverage but can be sheered out or more can be applied for fuller coverage, natural finish.

Studio Fix Fluid SPF15

Aimed at oilier skin types because it has a matte finish and is oil free, medium coverage.

MatchMaster SPF15

The formula means it adapts to your natural skin tone, medium to full coverage, best for normal to oily skins.

Studio Sculpt SPF15

Gel based foundation, medium to full coverage, long wearing, good for drier skin types.

Studio Moisture Tint SPF15

A tinted moisture, sheer coverage, suited to all skin types, oil free.

Pro Longwear SPF10

Long lasting foundation as the name suggests, designed to be worn in extreme temperatures, light to medium coverage, good for normal to oily skins and combination skins.

Studio Tech

Better for normal to dry skins, semi-matte finish, light to medium coverage.


Guide To MAC Lipsticks

MAC are renowned for there lipsticks but there are a lot of different formulas and finishes, so I thought I would do a post with a quick description of each range.


My favourite finish, they are very moisturising and comfortable to wear and a bit like a Revlon Lip Butter. These don’t last very long on the lips because it’s a moisturising texture but they’re easy to reapply without a mirror. The finish is sheeny but they are prone to melting. Shy Girl is my favourite.

Amplified Crème

Good pigmentation and moisturising (bit like the Cremesheen with more pigmentation). These aren’t the most long-lasting lipsticks, around two hours before needing reapplied.


I think the best way to describe these is a glittery lipstick. There are some which are very glittery and there are others which are bit more muted but still glittery. I’m not of frost finishes because I find them a little drying.


These are like a tinted lip balm, they have less pigment than a Cremesheen but they are very moisturising and comfortable. Like the Cremesheens, they don’t last long on the lips and they do have a tendency to melt. My favourite is Hue.


Again, very moisturising and very similar to the Cremesheens and the Glazes. I would say they have pigmentation similar to the Cremesheens.


The name is quite self-explanatory, a matte finish and like all matte finishes, they aren’t the most comfortable lipsticks and can be quite drying. Really pigmented and last for hours, I think these are best applied with a lip brush. Russian Red, Lady Danger and Ruby Woo are the most famous.

Retro Matte

I don’t see any difference between these and the normal Mattes but I don’t wear matte lipsticks. I think the real difference is they are incredibly pigmented, like a lipstick Hollywood Greats wore.


If you want to wear a matte lipstick but not confident enough, try a Satin. It’s not sheeny in any way but it’s completely matte. Not as long lasting at the Matte and still a bit drying.

My Favourite Powders

I’m not really a powder girl but I always keep one in my collection because it’s really handy to have. After I do my makeup in the morning I tend to set my foundation or concealer with powder but only on the t-zone to get rid of any shine and on any concealer. I prefer small brushes to apply powder because I only want it on specific places, my favourite brush is the Real Techniques Setting Brush.

Bobbi Brown Sheer Finish Powder

I really like this powder but I feel it’s a lot of money for a powder so I usually just use the powder that comes with the concealer. There’s a really wide shade range and with all Bobbi Brown products the tones lean to warmer side of things. It’s very finely milled so it never looks cakey and it’s great for blotting shine throughout the day. Brown

Soap and Glory One Heck Of A Blot

This is my absolute favourite powder and I doubt I’ll ever buy another powder again. I prefer a translucent powders because I don’t want my powder to add any coverage, that’s what my foundation is for. This is really finely milled and doesn’t show on the skin and keeps shine a bay. I really love the retro packaging and there’s a large mirror inside it, which is great for make-up on the go. It’s my favourite and I can’t recommend it enough.

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier powder is just gorgeous, it’s a real luxury buy but it’s worth every penny. It’s translucent which I actually prefer because I don’t want a powder to give me coverage, I get that from my foundation. This powder is completely indictable on the skin and it feels lovely.