Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara*

Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara black luxury

Despite being a huge Laura Mercier fan and a mascara junkie, I’ve never tried a Laura Mercier mascara. I don’t know why I’ve never tried one of their mascaras, I think I always get distracted with the amazing base products and hand creams when I go to a counter. When people talk about Laura Mercier they always focus on the tinted moisturisers, the Silk Crème Foundation and the Secret Camouflage concealer and the mascaras tend to be overlooked.

Laura Mercier Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara 1

I’m always looking for the perfect mascara and I think I may have found a contender for the top spot in Laura Mercier’s Full Blown Volume Supreme Mascara*. This mascara claims to thicken, curl, lengthen and define lashes and I can safely say, it’s lives up to its claims. I have the straightest lashes so I have to curl them every day with my trusty Shu Uemura curlers and this mascara definitely helped to curl last all day without dropping. It’s not clumpy, it adds volume but each lash is still defined so you don’t end up with three huge lashes. I usually go for waterproof or tubing mascaras because I have a real problems with flaking and smudging, this is neither but it does not budge all day. I wore this for ten hours and it didn’t flake, smudge or run and it looked perfect, it looked just as good as it did when I applied it in the morning.

I love the shape of the wand. It’s a traditional brush not plastic which I prefer, I think they grip the lashes better than plastic wands. The wand is small enough to get into the inner corner and coat the lower lashes without ending up on my face.

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Bourjois One Seconde Mascara Waterproof

bourjois one seconde mascara waterproof best drugstore mascara best volumising mascara black

I have a problem with mascaras. If a new mascara launches, I can’t stop myself from buying it because I’m always looking for the mascara.

Lately Bourjois has been churning out some really amazing launches, I love the CC Cream, I have a few of the Nude Collection nail polishes and I love the One Second Nail Polish Remover for toes. This mascara is one of the latest launches and when I spotted the One Seconde Mascara on the ASOS website I couldn’t resist buying it and I love it! The wand is really unusual, it’s a plastic wand which I’m not usually a fan of but this is an exception. The bristles are quite short which makes it great for getting down to the root of the lashes. In between the bristles, there are rows of little spheres which coats the lashes in one stroke.

bourjois one seconde mascara waterproof best drugstore mascara best volumising mascara black plastic mascara wand

I have the waterproof version because I prefer waterproof mascaras, I think this gives amazing volume and length and it holds a curl fantastically. It does not smudge, run or flake off. I’ve seen it being compared to Benefit’s They’re Real on Twitter but I would say it’s better, I didn’t like They’re Real but I love this. I think this is the best drugstore volumising mascara I’ve tried in a long time!

There is currently £3 off the mascara at the moment in Boots so it’s a perfect time to try.

Rimmel Rockin Curves Mascara

rimmel rockin curves 1 with title

A few days ago it was the 180th anniversary of Rimmel London and to celebrate their birthday, the price of their mascara was reduced from £6.99 to £1.80 for three hours so obviously I had to buy one!

rimmel rockin curves 2 with title

The wand is this mascara major’s selling point because the shape is unusual, I’m pretty sure this mascara is only one of its kind. It’s curved and I’ve seen online it described as a broken love heart. The idea is the wand can grab each and every lash from root to tip giving amazing volume and curl. The mascara is good but I’m not sure if I’m sold on the wand shape. I find it quite difficult to get in at the roots and I find myself doing a section of lashes as time.

In terms of colour, this is the Extreme version and it is very black but it’s not blacker than any other mascara I’ve tried. It doesn’t flake or smudge but it doesn’t last that great during the day. I find shortly after I’ve put it on that my curl has dropped and what volume I had is gone so my lashes look like how they usually look. The effect is just a bit nothing. I do get a little bored of the Extreme versions of Rimmel mascaras, I wish they would launch a waterproof version instead of Extreme Black shade.

Overall, not the best mascara I’ve tried but not the worst and I can’t complain I only paid £1.80 for it.

Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara

Rimmel Retro Glam with title

This mascara has a little bit of a history with me, I bought this when it originally launched and I only used it a couple times before I lost it, instead of repurchasing it, I bought the Extreme version and I liked it. But then, I received the original Retro Glam in my Christmas Stocking!

Rimmel Retro Glam 2 with title

When I bought the Extreme version, I could see no difference between the original and the Extreme. I think both are fantastic for giving real volume and almost a false lash look. The wand is good for catching all the lashes, the hourglass shape seems to hold the lashes well and helps give a bit of a curl. It lasts about eight hours, it doesn’t flake off, it just seems to disappear. I think both are great mascaras and I would recommend them to anyone but I don’t think there is any difference between the two versions.

I think Rimmel has really stepped up its game in the last two years, their products have been consistently good and I think they’re giving high end brands a run for their money!

Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara Extreme


Earlier in the year Rimmel launched the Retro Glam mascara and I bought it because I’m addicted to buying mascara. I used about twice and then I lost it so I never got write a full review or even take a picture. I contemplated replacing it but I have so many mascaras that I really could not justify buying another. However, a few weeks a Retro Glam Extreme was launched so it was the perfect opportunity to buy another.


Firstly, I have to say the wand and the effect is the exact same as the original Retro Glam, my lashes were volumised but it wasn’t the best for holding a curl but my lashes are super straight so maybe it’s just me. In terms of the extreme black, it is really black but in my opinion the original was really black.

I can’t see a huge difference between the Extreme and the Original, both are good mascaras, volumised lashes, I would give this a  try but I do think there are better mascaras available.

Barry M Lash Vegas Mascara

Barry M  Lash Vegas 2 with title

I have to be honest, before this mascara and I never tried anything from Barry M except nail polishes. I adore Barry M nail polishes and if I’m looking to add to a new polish to my collection, my first port of call is Barry M but I tend to ignore the rest of the stand. However, last week I was buying more nail polishes and I received this as a free gift as part of a promotion in Boots. If you read my blog, you’ll know I love mascara.

Barry M  Lash Vegas with title 1

Firstly, I like the wand because it has traditional bristles opposed to the plastic wands. I prefer bristles because I think they grip the lashes better. The wand is quite small compared to a lot of others and this means it can get right into the inner corners and do the bottom lashes without ending up on my face. In terms of staying power, I’m really impressed. I’ve been wearing this mascara everyday since I got it and it does not flake off, even after eight hours. This mascara is fantastic is your looking for length because it grabs every lash, even the ones you didn’t know about. It’s not the best mascara for volume but it’s great for defining. Overall, a great mascara.

It’s £6.49 and available from Boots and Superdrug.

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara Waterproof

Revlon Lash Potion with title

This is without doubt the best mascara I’ve tried in a long time, I cannot say enough good things about this mascara. When it comes to mascara, I love trying new ones because I’m on a constant search for the perfect mascara, I want it to be volumising and to hold a curl hold without any flakes, smudges or running and this ticks every box.

Revlon Lash Potion 2  with title

Firstly, I love the packaging, it’s perhaps the best mascara packaging ever. The wand is the perfect shape, I prefer traditional bristles to plastic ones because I think they grip the lashes better and the shape allows you to get right into the roots but small enough for the inner corners and the bottom lashes. It holds a curl brilliantly, after I curl my lashes this just holds it in and it provides volume and length without looking clumpy or like spider lashes. Lastly, it does not flake off and smudge during the day, I’ve wore this for over nine hours and it looked as good as it did when it was first applied. Also I can confirm it’s a true waterproof mascara, I got caught in a torrential downpour and this stayed intact.

I cannot recommend this enough, it’s the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of mascaras.™-Mascara-By-Grow-Luscious™_1359134/

May Favourites

May is nearly over and I’ve discovered and rediscovered so many brilliant products. These are my favourites.

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

This has became my absolute favourite mascara, I’ve been wearing everyday since I got it. It’s really buildable and lasts all day without any smudges and flakes and I love the flexible wand because it helps zig-zag motion.

Bourjois Cream Blush in Nude Velvet

I rarely wear blushers, I go through phasing of wearing it but I have a loads of blushers. Cream blush is my favourite, it’s so easy to apply, it’s impossible to mess up. This is the easier blusher to apply, it blends really easily and the peachy colour is really pretty and perfect for the summer.

Nail Art

I’ve really got into nail art, I always wanted to give it try but I never got round to buying the dotting tools but now I have them, I find it really enjoyable.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

I bought this last year when it launched and I used it, liked it and then forgot about it. It’s a really good all round foundation and the lightest shade, Lightest Porcelain is really pale, cool toned shade.


Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara 1 with title
The jewel in Maybelline’s crown are they’re mascaras, their renowned for their mascaras.
Mega Plush is different to their other mascaras, it’s a gel mousse formula, I thought this meant it would be a bit watery and smudgy but it’s not, lashes are left very soft looking, not crispy.

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara 2 with title

The wand is traditional bristles not plastic ones, which I like and it’s quite a big brush but it doesn’t seem as big as the Rocket.
It doesn’t flake or smudge which is great. The formula means it’s very easy to layer, one coat gives subtle definition but it layers really well for a more dramatic look. I’ve applied numerous coats and it never clumps and I think this is because of the spacing and the size of the bristles on the brush, the bristles are too close together and the bristles are different sizes.

Mega Plush 4
The brush is unlike anything I’ve tried before because it’s flexible. I think the flexibility of the wand makes it really easy to zig-zag through the lashes and it makes really easy to hold the brush at the roots of the lashes and reach in the inner corners.
Overall, I like this mascara.

Have you tried it, what do you think?

It’s currently on offer in Boots for £5.99, usual price is £7.99,

Rimmel ScandalEyes Flex Mascara

Rimmel Scandaleyes Flex Mascara black

Rimmel has really upped their game in the past year, their latest products have been top-notch and this latest mascara is no disappointment.

The packaging is quite similar to the last ScandalEyes mascara but it’s green this time.

Rimmel Flex 2 with title

The wand is quite large but it’s not messy and clumpy, it grabs and defines each lash. I really like the wand because it used traditional style bristles and not plastic ones, I think the brush style grabs lashes better and lifts slightly. I think this is a really good day to night mascara because one or two coats just defines lashes and provides a little volume but enough for day time make-up but because of the Lycra formula, you can add mores coats and it doesn’t just become a clumpy mess. The Lycra stops lashes from becoming crispy, lashes are still feel natural. It’s a very long-lasting mascara, it does not flake or smudge and it lasted on me for over ten hours. The formulation is quite dry, not in the sense it’s unusable, it’s not as wet as some other mascaras, which I like because I tend to open mascara to let them dry out a bit – when a mascara is too wet, it doesn’t really do anything and it’s more likely to run.

Overall, I really like this mascara, I think it’s a good product and it’s good value for money and I’ve been using everyday since I bought it.

Usual price is £6.99 but it’s currently on offer in Boots for £4.99