MUA Nail Polishes

MUA nail polishes with title

Nail Polishes for £1? No there isn’t a catch just some pretty good quality nail polishes. I don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get good nail polishes and these are a perfect example of this. I have four of the eighteen shades and I like most of them and I will probably buy more. I don’t know how many mls are in the bottle but the bottles are pretty small but I’ve used Pistacho Ice Cream six times, two coats each time (I’m going through a minty phase) and it’s no where near finished and most people never finish a bottle of nail polish. The formula is really good, it paints really easily without streaking or looking patchy and lastly they wear really good, I can get four days with a single chip.


Mint Dotty Nail Art

Mint dotty

Mint is one of my favourite colours for the spring/summer. This is MUA Pistachio Ice Cream and the dots are the Rimmel Nail Whitener. The MUA polish is only £1 and it’s surprisingly good quality, this picture is after four days and I only have one little chip, which I think is brilliant considering the price. The polish definitely needs two coats, the first can be a little streaky but the second coat evens everything out and it looks good.