Nails Inc. Snowflake Kensington Church Nail Polish

Nails Inc. Snowflake Polish Kensington Church Street

Words cannot describe how much I love this nail polish. I absolutely love Nails Inc., I love the packaging and the designs and this year’s snowflake polishes are no disappointment. This is the pure white version and I love it! It looks absolutely amazing and I’ve received tons of compliments when I’ve been wearing it. I like this would make a fab Christmas gift, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to receive this on Christmas day, it looks amazing and it’s from a fantastic nail brand.

What do you think?


Deborah Lippmann Blue Orchid*

DL nail polish 2 with title

DL nail polish 1 with title

DL nail polish 3 with title

Pastels are my favourite shades of nail polish and this year pastels have been everywhere, last year was the neon year but this year is the pastel year. Blue Orchid* is a beautiful bright cream baby blue, it’s brighter than a lot of the pastels around just now. Deborah Lippmann polishes are quite expensive at £16 but the quality is fantastic, they paint really easily without any streaks or brush marks, which can be a problem with pastels. I think this is a really pretty shade for summer but if you want it, grab it now because it’s limited edition, it’s part of the Spring Reveries Collection.

PR Sample


Orly Nail Polish in Rage

Orly Rage with title

Orly Rage 2 with title

I think I can safely say this is my favourite nail polish of all time. I bought this last year and I wore everyday for weeks but it got lost in my nail polish collection and forgotten about until a few days when I rediscovered it. Rage is a really gorgeous rose gold shade, it’s upper shiny and like all Orly polishes the formula is really good (easy to apply and lasts days without chipping). I really like rose gold shades but I think they can be quite hard to find, I would like Sally Hansen Gold Roses but I don’t think this shade is available in the UK. This picture is making it look at more gold than it is in reality but I think that has something to do with the incredibly bright winter sun but it does a pink undertone.

If you know of any other rose gold shades I should try, let me know in the comments.

Revlon Nail Polish in Rich

Revlon Rich with title

Rich is part of Revlon’s winter collection, Evening Opulence. There are two nail polishes in the collection – Rich and Seductive. Seductive is a deep purple, it’s almost black. Rich is a is a greeny gold metallic polish but it some lights it looks more pewter. The base is almost a khaki green cold but it’s shot through with gold which means when the light hits the polish, the gold really come through. In terms of formula, it’s really good. It paints really nicely and it’s not streaky or difficult to paint. It needs two coats for opaque coverage, it dries super quick and it does not chip.

Have you tried this polish? What do you think?

MUA Nail Polishes

MUA nail polishes with title

Nail Polishes for £1? No there isn’t a catch just some pretty good quality nail polishes. I don’t think you have to spend a fortune to get good nail polishes and these are a perfect example of this. I have four of the eighteen shades and I like most of them and I will probably buy more. I don’t know how many mls are in the bottle but the bottles are pretty small but I’ve used Pistacho Ice Cream six times, two coats each time (I’m going through a minty phase) and it’s no where near finished and most people never finish a bottle of nail polish. The formula is really good, it paints really easily without streaking or looking patchy and lastly they wear really good, I can get four days with a single chip.

Revlon Chroma Nail Polish in Tanzanite

Revlon Chroma Tanzanite
Revlon Chroma nail polishes are metallic polishes that change shade depending on the light. Tanzanite is a beautiful gold/green purple, it some lights it’s a vibrant metallic violet but it other lights a more of a gold toned purple and in other lights it has more of a green tone.

revlon tanzanite 2

Some metallic polishes can be quite difficult to paint, they go on streaky and there are obvious brush strokes but the formula of the Chroma polishes are really good, two thin coats is perfect for an opaque glossy finish. The lasting power is also really good, I’ve been wearing Tanzanite for three days without a topcoat and there have been no chips and it’s still very glossy. This formula is similar to a high end alternative.

Overall, I really like this formula and this colour and I’m definitely going to get a few more shades.

Mint Dotty Nail Art

Mint dotty

Mint is one of my favourite colours for the spring/summer. This is MUA Pistachio Ice Cream and the dots are the Rimmel Nail Whitener. The MUA polish is only £1 and it’s surprisingly good quality, this picture is after four days and I only have one little chip, which I think is brilliant considering the price. The polish definitely needs two coats, the first can be a little streaky but the second coat evens everything out and it looks good.

Beauty Round Up #1

Beauty Favourite – Garnier’s Perfect Blur is unbelievable, it works like a primer triple the price, it hides pores and just makes skin look great and provides a perfect base for foundation/tinted moisturiser.

Beauty Disappointment – Ojon’s Restorative Mask, the smell is just too overpowering and the results don’t meet my expectations or the price.

Nails – I think Barry M makes the great quality nail polishes for a tiny price, I’ve been sporting Gelly Grapefruit on my toes and Gelly Lychee on my fingers.

Beauty Want – I know this available from John Lewis and the website but I need to be skin matched, I don’t know if the lightest shade will be pale enough. As much as I’m bored of BB Creams and now CC Creams, I really want to try this one, from the reviews which are available, it sounds amazing and I’m imagining it will probably be one of the best, if not the best CC Cream on the UK market. I’m counting the days until April 26th