Nails Inc. Nailkale Revisited

nails inc nailkale superfood base coat alexa chung 2014 autumn

A few months ago I posted about the exciting new products from Nails Inc. using the superfood kale to nourish and hydrate nails. I’m always a bit sceptical when it comes to claims by brands but I trust Nails Inc. and I’m obsessed by nails so I decided to conduct a little experiment of my own with the Nailkale Base Coat.

I’ve used the basecoat every time I painted my nails since I received it back in September. I made a point of using no other base coat or treatment product on my nails to see if it really did have an effect. Since I’ve been using the base coat I have noticed my nails have been stronger and I’ve particularly noticed my nails no longer flake. I didn’t have a huge issue with flaking but occasionally I would go through a period of my nail flaking, probably because I paint my nails so often but I haven’t had flaking since September. Also I’ve noticed my nails are more flexible, if I catch one of my nails, it doesn’t just snap, it bends and resists breaking. Finally, I’m sure my nails are growing faster than usual. There are no claims that this product will increase nail growth but I think my nails are growing quicker because the product is hydrating.

Overall, I’m hugely impressed with this base coat and I really recommend it.

PR Sample but this is my honest opinion of the product, I wouldn’t say I like something unless I really did.

Have you tried it? What do you think? Would you try it?


Nails Inc. Snowflake Kensington Church Nail Polish

Nails Inc. Snowflake Polish Kensington Church Street

Words cannot describe how much I love this nail polish. I absolutely love Nails Inc., I love the packaging and the designs and this year’s snowflake polishes are no disappointment. This is the pure white version and I love it! It looks absolutely amazing and I’ve received tons of compliments when I’ve been wearing it. I like this would make a fab Christmas gift, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to receive this on Christmas day, it looks amazing and it’s from a fantastic nail brand.

What do you think?

The Best Christmas Nail Polishes*

nails inc christmas nail polishes

Every year nail brands launch some Christmassy themed nail polishes and without a doubt the best come from Nails Inc. They’ve launched two snowflake nail polishes and I’m in love with the. I can’t stop looking at them in the bottles or on my nails.

nails inc kensington church street

First is Kensington Church Street which is a clear base with white circles and silver glitter to look like snowflake.  It look amazing over red nail polish, I think it would be perfect for Christmas day. I’ve also tried it over Nails Inc. Porchester Square which is the perfect nude shade and it looks amazing, really understated and chic. I’ll have posts coming up on both looks.

nails inc whitechapel

Next is Whitechapel which is a gorgeous mix of white circles and gold glitter. This is so festive, I love it! I think this looks amazing over a darker shade, I’ve tried it with Tate from Nails Inc. which is a deep red/berry shade and it looks stunning, really classic.

I love both of these polishes, I think they’re perfect for you’re festive manicure or a stock filler for someone, I can’t imagine anyone would be disappointed to receive these on Christmas morning.

PR Sample

Nails Inc. Autumn/Winter 2014 Shades

On Friday’s I posted about some of the new Nails Inc. products (link) but today I’m back with this year’s Autumn/Winter collection.

nails inc autumn winter gel

First up is the new shades in the Gel range. Nails Inc. do great gel polishes, I have a couple of the summer shades and the quality is brilliant. This collection is inspired by the Catwalk shows.

Hyde Park Place – pale grey

Old Bond Street – deep violet

West End – tomato

Grosvenor Gardens – aubergine

New Oxford Street – mauve

Uptown – winter pink

Old Burlington Street – navy

Beaufort St. – dark raspberry

My favourites are Uptown because you can never have too many nude pink polishes. I also really like the look of Old Burlington Street because I think Navy nails can look really chic and it’s a refreshing change for winter polishes. I think Old Bond Street will be lovely, I love purple/violet polishes.

The gel polishes are priced at £14.

nails inc trend winter colours

Next up is the trend polishes in this year’s collection.

Belgrave Square – rose gold glitter

Porchester Square – muted mushroom

Exhibition Road – purple and gold Pop Art

Sloane Mews – grape

Chelsea Green – brick

My favourite polishes in the collection is Belgrave Square, I think this would be a gorgeous polish for Christmas party season. Also Exhibition Road looks amazing. I think these polishes would also make lovely Christmas presents (I know it’s August but Christmas will soon be here!). If you’re looking to get a polish as a Christmas gift, I can’t recommend Porchester Square enough. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like this polish, it’s a perfect nude.

The crème polishes are priced at £14 and the glitters are £15.

nails inc trend colours

Finally is the Autumn/Winter trio. The set contains three full size polishes in Uptown (off pink), Grosvenor Crescent (dark aubergine) and Battersea Park (khaki). The set is priced at £29.

What do you think of the collections? Any polishes caught your eye?

Nails Inc. Newness



If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I love the brand Nails Inc. I first discovered Nails Inc. years ago when I first got into nail polish, for Christmas someone bought me a collection from QVC and I loved it. Since then I’ve just stayed loyal to Nails Inc., I know I buy polishes from other brands but if I want to splurge, I always look to Nails Inc.

Over the past few weeks there has been lots of excitement surrounding Nails Inc. The brand is changing the shape of their bottles from the signature round bottles with silver lids to rectangular bottles with silver lids, so they look similar to the amazing Gel Polishes. And, Alexa Chung was unveiled as the brand ambassador for the company.

Over the next few weeks lots of new products and colours are going to be launched from Nails Inc.

Perhaps the most interesting launch of all is the Kale range. Everyone has became a bit obsessed by Kale for super food benefits but Nails Inc is using it in a collection of nail polishes.

Nail Kale Superfood base coat

First there is the Nailkale Superfood Base Coat which harnesses the benefits of Kale and other superfoods to harden, strengthen and nourish the nail. It also claims to stimulate nail growth and give nails a healthier, brighter appearance. It’s priced at £15.

nail kale brightener

Next is Bright Street, The Nailkale Illumintor which contains kale to give nails a brighter, cleaner, healthier appearance – it’s designed to brighten the pinks of the nails and boost the white tips. It also contains ingredients to hydrate and strengthen nails. I think this would be fantastic for someone who can’t wear nail polish to work or prefers a more natural look. I know I’ll be buying this for Christmas presents for people who don’t like nail polish. It’s priced at £14.

kale nail polishes

Finally, there are some nails polishes containing kale extract. Nails Inc. are launching the Nailkale in four of their best selling polishes, Montpelier Walk (nude), Mayfair Lane (dusky pink), Victoria (deep cherry) and Bruton Mews (forest green). The polishes are priced at £14

alexa chung nail polishes

Alexa Chung has collaborated with Nails Inc to launch a collection of nail effects. First up, there is Alexa Lace In Bed which is lace effect polish, it uses matte red particles to give the appearance of lace on the nails. Next is Alexa Cashmere in Minx which is a mix of matte particles and glass pearls to give a sheen like Cashmere. Alexa Silk uses a pearl finish to look like silk. Alexa Leather is inspired by Alexa Chung’s love of Nails Inc Leather polish in Black. It dries matte to look like leather. The Camouflage polish uses a range of colours and matte and shiny particles to look like camouflage on the nails. Finally, is my favourite, the Sequins effect. The one in the picture is a mix of fine black particles and chunky shiny gold particles to look like sequins.

There is still the Autumn/Winter polishes to talk about but I’ll save them for another post.

I think it’s a really exciting time for Nails Inc. there are lots of new products and colour hitting the market and I think you should have a little look at them if you need some new nail products.

Has anything caught your eye?

Nails Inc. Sugarloaf Sunset

number 2 with title
Following on from the nude polish with this month’s Instyle Magazine, this is Sugarloaf Sunset. It’s a gorgeous Barbie pink shade, I think it’s the perfect pink, it’s not a pastel or a hot pink, it’s somewhere in between. I particularly like it as a pedicure shade. Like all Nails Inc. polishes the quality is amazing, this picture is without a top coat and you can see how glossy it is and it’s not streaky or gloopy.

number 1 with title

Nails Inc. Sao Paulo Streets

Nails Inc Instyle Blog with title

sao paulo streets with title

I mentioned Instyle was giving away a full size Nails Inc. polish with every issue this month. This is nude option, Sao Paulo Streets. It’s a really gorgeous grey-beige, shade it reminds me of Nails Inc. Colville Mews, one of my favourites. It’s like Porchester Square but more white based. I think this is the perfect nude shade, I can see myself wearing this often. The quality is amazing and it’s super shiny, this photo was taken without a top coat.