Dotty Nail Art

rimmel nails

The lilac base is Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in Marshmallow Heaven, the mints dots are Lasting Finish in Peppermint and the orange dots is Lasting Finish in Tangy Tangerine. I’m a massive fan of the Rimmel nail polishes, they’re super cheap, the coverage is really good and they do pain on streaky and all the shades I have last days without chips.


Pink, White and Lilac Dotty Nail Art

pink white and lilac

The pink base is MUA Natural Days, the lilac dots is MUS Lush Lilac and the white dots are Rimmel Nail Whitener. The lilac look quite hard to see but in daylight the difference between and pink and lilac is really noticeable but it can look really subtle in duller lightening.