Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner

I love a good hair treatment, I pretty rubbish with my hair, I always want to my hair to feel and smell like when I come out of the hairdressers. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the Ojon Restorative Treatment because of the smell but I really liked the Ojon Rare Blend Oil so I gave the conditioner version a go.

It does seem like a lot of money (£29) for a 150ml tube of conditioner but it’s very concentrated, I have medium length, medium texture hair and I only need the size of a 20p piece so it works out good value for money. It doesn’t have the smell of the Restorative Mask, this smells likes lemons, it reminds of the smell of hairdressers.

Sometimes hair masks can be a little too heavy for my hair and the leave my hair looking greasy but this didn’t, my hair felt soft and hydrated and almost like I had my hair finished by a hairdresser, my hair looked really shiny and silky, it was like I had new hair.

I’ve been using this once a week for the past three weeks and leaving it on for ten minutes and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my hair, my hair isn’t particularly dry or damaged but this is just making my hair look better and easier to manage.

It’s £29 and available from Ojon stockists,  http://www.boots.com/en/Ojon-Rare-Blend-Deep-Conditioner-150ml_1330317/


Beauty Round Up #1

Beauty Favourite – Garnier’s Perfect Blur is unbelievable, it works like a primer triple the price, it hides pores and just makes skin look great and provides a perfect base for foundation/tinted moisturiser.

Beauty Disappointment – Ojon’s Restorative Mask, the smell is just too overpowering and the results don’t meet my expectations or the price.

Nails – I think Barry M makes the great quality nail polishes for a tiny price, I’ve been sporting Gelly Grapefruit on my toes and Gelly Lychee on my fingers.

Beauty Want – I know this available from John Lewis and the website but I need to be skin matched, I don’t know if the lightest shade will be pale enough. As much as I’m bored of BB Creams and now CC Creams, I really want to try this one, from the reviews which are available, it sounds amazing and I’m imagining it will probably be one of the best, if not the best CC Cream on the UK market. I’m counting the days until April 26th

Ojon Damage Reverse Restoration Hair Treatment Review

I love hair masks, I love how they make my hair soft and shiny and I use them pretty regularly. Ojon’s offering is incredibly hyped up so I decided to try it, when all my hair masks ran out.

In the jar, its a thick, almost solid but you take a dollop and massage it in your hands and it turns into a golded oil, which you apply to dry hair and leave for as long as you want, the longer its on, the more it treats the hair. Firstly, it smells of coffee because of the ingredients, I find the smell quite overpowering and it actually gives me a sore head so I only use for about ten minutes. After I used it, I didn’t see any difference in my hair, it was softer or shiny and it didn’t feel like it was very nourishing and moisturising. I don’t have the most damaged and dry hair but I can usually see and feel a difference after I use a mask. For the price, I was expecting great things but I was really disappointed, I’ve had better results with masks around the £5 price point.

Have you tried it? What do you think?