Manicure Must Haves

Manicure essentials with title

I paint my nails on average about three times a week, maybe more, but every Sunday night, I give myself an at home manicure and these are the products I rely on to get a salon finish every time. Before I paint my nails, I wipe nail polish remover over my nails, even if I’m not wearing polish, to clean the nail plate and remove any oils. Then I turn to my cuticles, I use the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Cuticle Remover. It removes the cuticle in no time at all without pain or damage to the cuticle. I apply a tiny bit to my cuticles and then I buff a cotton wool pad over it remove the gel and the cuticle. Before I paint my nails I file them with my Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File. I love this nail file, I’ve wrote about it numerous times, I cannot recommend it enough, it’s the best investment for your nails. Then I buff my nails, I just use the cheap buffer from Boots and it works perfectly. After I buff my nails, I wash my hands to get rid of any residue and then I use a cotton pad with a little nail polish remover to get rid of any moisture on the nail plate. My current favourite base coat is Orly Bonder, when I use this I can get five days of wear without a single chip or wearing at the tip. If you have a problem with chipping, this is definitely to product for you because it dries matte to adhere the polish to the nail. Then I paint my nails with whatever colour I’m using then I use a top coat, my current favourite is the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat. I like this one because it dries super quick and it looks really glossy but it doesn’t chip instantly like some fast drying top coats.

What’s your at home manicure routine?


Pink Glittery Nails

Pink Glittery Nails with title

Since Christmas is over, I’ve sort of got bored of the darker, more winter shades (even though we’re still in winter and the weather is awful!). I’ve painted my nails with one of my favourite polishes of all time, Orly’s Rage and my ring finger and thumb, I’ve used one coat of Barry M’s Pink Quartz. Pink Quartz is a mixture of a fine, multi-coloured glitter that subtly picks up the light and larger, pink circles.

Orly Nail Polish in Rage

Orly Rage with title

Orly Rage 2 with title

I think I can safely say this is my favourite nail polish of all time. I bought this last year and I wore everyday for weeks but it got lost in my nail polish collection and forgotten about until a few days when I rediscovered it. Rage is a really gorgeous rose gold shade, it’s upper shiny and like all Orly polishes the formula is really good (easy to apply and lasts days without chipping). I really like rose gold shades but I think they can be quite hard to find, I would like Sally Hansen Gold Roses but I don’t think this shade is available in the UK. This picture is making it look at more gold than it is in reality but I think that has something to do with the incredibly bright winter sun but it does a pink undertone.

If you know of any other rose gold shades I should try, let me know in the comments.