Philip Kingsley One More Day Dry Shampoo

I’m a massive fan of Philip Kingsley hair products, I think the products are reliable because the range has been designed by an expert in hair and recently the range expanded to include a dry shampoo.

Philip Kingsley is famous for making products which help with styling and hair manageability but the products help with the general condition of your hair. This dry shampoo is aimed at all hair types even sensitive scalps. It has virtually no fragrance, it just smells clean and fresh. It absorbs oil from the hair like all dry shampoos but it contains Zinc PCA and Allantoin to comfort and sooth irritated scalps. It doesn’t leave my hair with any white residue or a powdery, dry feeling.

It’s a really effective dry shampoo, it helps to keep your hair clean until the next wash but it can also be used for volume. The dry shampoo is probably best suited to someone with a sensitive scalp because the ingredients are aimed at soothing.

£14 for 200ml.


Philip Kingsley Daily Defence Spray Review

I’m a massive fan of the Philip Kingsley hair products, I really trust all of the products because they were designed by a true expert in the world of hair care.

I bought this because I thought it was a heat protection spray but it is so much more than that, it conditions, it detangles, it softens the hair, it protects against sun damage and adds a glossy shine.

For me, it gave my hair life, my hair feels thicker and almost more voluminous, sometimes after blow drying and straightening, my hair can be flat and a bit lacklustre but this gave life and bounce. It also has a really nice smell and something which is very useful about this product is, if you go out and get soaked and windswept, a couple of sprays of this will help smooth out the hair and make it easier to brush.

Its available from Philip Kingsley, John Lewis, QVC and some Marks and Spencer Beauty Halls.

Travel Size (pictured above) – £6.80
Full Size – £22

Philip Kingsley Handbag Hairbrush and Case Review


Hairbrushes are odd things to get excited about but when I seen this, I was overjoyed.

I need to carry around a hair brush because my hair gets tangled but I don’t have space to carry around a bulky paddle brush and the little brushes you can buy that sort of flip into themselves to become a cicle or rectangle shape are pretty useless.

This brush is a perfect size for on the go and it comes in a black case to keep it clean and keep the bristles straight. I was looking for a brush that came with a case or cover because brushes get ruined floating around a bag, Tangle Teezer do a mini version with a cover over the bristles but it has a tendency to fall off.


I really like the Philip Kingsley brushes because they are designed to keep your hair in your head and they kinda glide through my hair, I know the Mason Pearson brushes have legions of fans but I prefer the Philip Kingsley range.

philip kingsley brush

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer


Newly launched products can be great and they have the benefit of brand new technologies and techniques but sometimes the best products have been around for years and years.

Elasticizer was designed by trichologist, Philip Kingsley, for Audrey Hepburn back in the 1970s and I think this surely shows how good the product is. I’m not very good at sticking to hair treatments, I tend to buy one, use it a couple of times and then it gets relegated to the bathroom cupboard. However, if my hair needs a bit of TLC, just one use of this will rescue my hair.

You use it before you wash your hair and is applied to damp hair and you leave it on for as long as you can – the longer its on, the better it works. It leaves my hair super shiny, soft and much easier to style – I don’t have particularly dry or damaged hair but this just helps to keep my hair in good condition. I use this whenever my hair feels lifeless and dull and it just restores my hair but if you have more damaged hair, you can use once a week or more if need be.

It comes in a range of sizes and prices (the one above is a 75ml travel size) and avialable from a range of places e.g. some Marks and Spencer Beauty Halls, John Lewis, Philip Kinglsey and QVC (QVC do really good deals on it and the rest of the range).