Mascara Clear Out

revlon lash potion waterproof clinique high impact rimmel retro glam extreme max factor eye brightening mascara green rockin curves mascara

If you read my blog regularly you’ll know I love mascara and I own more than I need. Recently I looked through my stash of mascaras and decided it was time to use as many as I could, these seven are the ones I’ve finished so far.

Rimmel Rockin Curves was a bit of a let down. The main downside to this mascara was the shape of the wand, it really didn’t do anything for my lashes. I can’t remember where I got the mini Clinique High Impact, I think it was from a Bonus Time gift with purchase. I absolutely love this mascara, it gives volume, length, holds a curl and it doesn’t smudge or flake and I really recommend it. I love it and I always buy it if I have a special occasion. Next up is Rimmel Retro Gram, it’s a good mascara, I used it up and it was good but I doubt I would repurchase it. Revlon Lash Potion Waterproof is a fantastic mascara, it gives so much volume but it doesn’t clump. Max Factor Brightening Mascara, I didn’t even finish it. It just did nothing for my lashes because it was brown. It could be a great mascara because the wand is a good shape but I like my mascara to be super black. Barry M is never a brand to look to for mascara but the Lash Vegas mascara was surprisingly good, I particularly liked the small wand but it didn’t hold a curl but my lashes are very difficult to curl. Finally, we have the extreme version of the Rimmel Retro Glam, I don’t think there is any different between this and the original formula and I don’t think I would repurchase it.

Have you tried any on these mascaras?


Everyday Face #2

Everyday Face #2 with title

Recently I’ve been opting for a quick “no makeup, makeup” look. I’ve been loving the Bourjois CC Cream, it’s just a lovely product. It provides just enough coverage for day wear and it looks really natural on the skin. For concealing my under-eye dark circles, I’ve been relying on my trusty Nars Radiant Concealer. I love this concealer, it’s the best concealer I’ve ever used. For blusher, I’ve gone back to my Max Factor Creamy Blusher, it’s one of the best cream blusher I’ve ever used. It lasts all day and the shade, Soft Pink, is really pretty. For eyes, I’ve been using my nude eyeliner to tightline, it really opens the eyes and it makes me look more awake and then finishing off with my new mascara love, the Bourjois One Seconde Mascara. Finally, for lips I’m still wearing my Revlon Lacquer Balm in Demure, I’ve wore it that much, it’s almost ran out!

The Perfect Everyday Lip Colour

revlon colourburst lacquer balm in demure everyday lip colour my lips but better moisturising revlon 1
Everyday I wear pretty much the same shade on my lips, a pinky nude. I’m not one for wearing bright lipstick during the day so I have a collection of pink toned nude lipsticks and I’m always looking to add to it. When the new revamped Lacquer and Matte Balms, I went on a hunt for Demure.

revlon colourburst lacquer balm in demure everyday lip colour my lips but better moisturising

revlon colourburst lacquer balm in demure everyday lip colour my lips but better moisturising

Demure is a really pretty glossy pink nude with a little glitter running through it. I’m not usually a fan of lip colours with glitter because they tend to feel really scratchy and uncomfortable but this isn’t like that, I can’t feel the glitter at all. The finish is a glossy but not as glossy as a lip gloss, I would describe more as sheeny. I find thos really comfortable to wear, I have permanently dry lips and sometimes lipsticks can cling to the drier areas, even moisturising formulas, but this doesn’t and it’s hydrating enough to wear all day.

Have you tried these? What do you think?

2013 Beauty Favourites

2013 Favourites with title

2013 is over so that means it’s time to look back at the beauty products which hit the stores this year. I’ve only included new products to have launched this year and I haven’t followed categories because there were products which simply could not outdo some all time favourites. But, the products I’ve picked really are the best of the year for me.

Rimmel Retro Glam

I’m slightly addicted to buying new mascaras when they launch, I’m always on the search for the absolute perfect mascara (I’ve probably already found but I can’t stop myself buying more). I really like the wand on this mascara, it’s shaped like a hourglass which means it catches every lash for some serious volume. I have a full post on the original Retro Glam and a post on the Extreme version.

Revlon Lash Potion

I know its cheating to have two mascara but I have to include this one. This mascara gives proper volume in one brush stroke.

Maybelline Baby Lips

I know they’re just a lip balm but I really love them and I admit I’ve bought all six. My favourites are Hydrate (blue), Intensive (yellow) and Peachy Kiss. In America, the range has expanded to include the Dr Rescue range which is design to help properly chapped lips, I’m hoping these will come to the UK soon.

Bourjois Cream Blushes

Before Bourjois launched these cream blushes, it was really difficult to find good, affordable cream blushes. These are a cream to powder formula, the shades are really nice, I have one and three and I love both, they’re easy to blend and look super natural.

Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Cuticle Remover

I’ve tried loads of cuticle removers but this is the best I’ve tried. I was initially sceptical about it but it’s great. It is a bit expensive if you buy it from Boots but you can get it cheaper online.

Rimmel Space Dust Nail Polishes

As a rule of thumb, I don’t like textured nail polish but these are incredible. I have Moon Walking and Aurora and I love both. They’re super glitterly and sparkly and the texture is not annoying to touch and it doesn’t look gloopy.

What are you’re favourites products of the year?

Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait



I love the Revlon Lip Butters, I wear them pretty much everyday, the texture is really comfortable and the colours are pigmented enough to be noticeable. The latest edition to my collection is Peach Parfait. Like all the lip butters, Peach Parfait is very moisturising and it lasts fairly well. This is quite a orange toned peach with a slight pink hue to it, it’s quite pigmented and can quite turn from peach to orange if you apply a few layers. I do like it but I probably won’t get much use out it because it’s too orangey for me, I prefer more pink leaning peach shades. Also I ordered and I didn’t realise there was glitter in it, I find this to be a bit gritty on the lips and therefore a little annoying.  Overall, a nice shade but I would avoid if you don’t like glitter in lip products.

Revlon Nail Polish in Rich

Revlon Rich with title

Rich is part of Revlon’s winter collection, Evening Opulence. There are two nail polishes in the collection – Rich and Seductive. Seductive is a deep purple, it’s almost black. Rich is a is a greeny gold metallic polish but it some lights it looks more pewter. The base is almost a khaki green cold but it’s shot through with gold which means when the light hits the polish, the gold really come through. In terms of formula, it’s really good. It paints really nicely and it’s not streaky or difficult to paint. It needs two coats for opaque coverage, it dries super quick and it does not chip.

Have you tried this polish? What do you think?

Revlon Chroma Nail Polish in Tanzanite

Revlon Chroma Tanzanite
Revlon Chroma nail polishes are metallic polishes that change shade depending on the light. Tanzanite is a beautiful gold/green purple, it some lights it’s a vibrant metallic violet but it other lights a more of a gold toned purple and in other lights it has more of a green tone.

revlon tanzanite 2

Some metallic polishes can be quite difficult to paint, they go on streaky and there are obvious brush strokes but the formula of the Chroma polishes are really good, two thin coats is perfect for an opaque glossy finish. The lasting power is also really good, I’ve been wearing Tanzanite for three days without a topcoat and there have been no chips and it’s still very glossy. This formula is similar to a high end alternative.

Overall, I really like this formula and this colour and I’m definitely going to get a few more shades.

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara Waterproof

Revlon Lash Potion with title

This is without doubt the best mascara I’ve tried in a long time, I cannot say enough good things about this mascara. When it comes to mascara, I love trying new ones because I’m on a constant search for the perfect mascara, I want it to be volumising and to hold a curl hold without any flakes, smudges or running and this ticks every box.

Revlon Lash Potion 2  with title

Firstly, I love the packaging, it’s perhaps the best mascara packaging ever. The wand is the perfect shape, I prefer traditional bristles to plastic ones because I think they grip the lashes better and the shape allows you to get right into the roots but small enough for the inner corners and the bottom lashes. It holds a curl brilliantly, after I curl my lashes this just holds it in and it provides volume and length without looking clumpy or like spider lashes. Lastly, it does not flake off and smudge during the day, I’ve wore this for over nine hours and it looked as good as it did when it was first applied. Also I can confirm it’s a true waterproof mascara, I got caught in a torrential downpour and this stayed intact.

I cannot recommend this enough, it’s the best I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot of mascaras.™-Mascara-By-Grow-Luscious™_1359134/

Drugstore Foundations I Recommend #1

I think there are some great cheaper foundations but there is a lot of horrible cheap foundations. I’ve tried loads over the years and some of them I really like and use. There are others I like but unfortunately I can’t use them because they don’t go pale enough for my skin (I’m super pale!).

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation Serum

I really like this foundation, it has medium coverage, the finish is natural but dewy and it is most suited to normal and skin leaning towards being dry. I prefer this one to the Radiance Reveal and I do use it but it’s slightly too dark for my skin.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

This is perfect for anyone who wants light coverage that looks just like skin. Lovely runny consistency which blends really easily and lasts well. As always with Revlon, there is a really selection of shades. My only issue is the lack of a pump dispenser, the bottle gets quite messy and you end wasting product. The pale shades go pretty pale, the lightest shade kinda matches me but it’s not perfect but I can definitely get away with it and I use it regularly.

Rimmel Match Perfection

This a brilliant basic foundation, it doesn’t claim to be long lasting or have skin care properties or give a glow. Its just a simple foundation and for that it’s great, it has medium coverage and lasts pretty well. I’m particularly impressed by the pale shade because it’s really pale and it’s a really good match for my skin!

L’Oreal True Match

A lot of bloggers say this is a dupe for Armani Luminous Silk, I’m not so sure but it’s a great foundation. It comes in a really wide range of shades which is amazing, even I can get a match! The coverage is really buildable, you can use just a little bit for light coverage but you can easily get medium coverage without it looking cakey or heavy. The finish is lovely, it’s not dewy but it gives the skin a lovely sheen. I really recommend this foundation.

Beauty Products Worth The Hype #1

Beauty products have a tendency of so becoming incredibly hyped up, that no-one can even murmur a criticism. However, there are some products which deserve their hype and more.

  1. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, many companies try to copy this multi-purpose healing balm but nothing comes close. Since the first tube I bought, I’ve never been without it. I use it for everything – cuts, blisters, chapped lips, dry cuticles. I know a lot of people hate the smell (I use it that much, I don’t notice it anymore) but it’s now available in fragrance free.
  2. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curlers, I have long, reasonably thick eyelashes which are so straight, they point downwards. I’ve tried dozens of eyelash curlers, both normal and heated and none of them worked until I got these, now I have perfectly curled eyelashes.
  3. Revlon Lip Butters, some tinted lip balms are just lip colours with no moisturising benefits and others are just lip balm with no colour but this is everything in one – moisturising, good colour pay off, available in tons of colours and they won’t break the bank.
  4. Nails Inc is my favourite nail brand, the Kensington top and base coat is the only one I use and most of the polishes in my collection are Nails Inc. During the summer I mostly wear Shoreditch or St James Street on my toes and if I can’t decide on a fingernail colour, I’ll wear Basil Street or Elizabeth Street.