January 2014 Favourites

january favourites

This month I’ve discovered a few new products but I haven’t been using them enough for them to be favourites material but I have discovered some old classics and a couple new things.

Clinique Superdefefence Moisturiser

This is without a doubt my favourite moisturiser of all time, I love it. It’s hydrating but it’s not greasy or heavy and it has SPF 20.

Clinique Nail Polish in Concrete Jungle

I’m really bored of the winter shades and I’m embracing the nudes and neutral polishes, this is beautiful grey polish and the formula of Clinique polishes are incredible. The polishes are really shiny and I’ve wore this six days and I didn’t have one chip.

Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm

I know it’s only a lip balm but I’ve been loving it this month. It’s saved my lips this month and it smells good.

Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

This has saved my skin this month. It really cleans out my pores and stops any breakouts from developing and any blemishes disappear a lot quicker after I’ve used this.

The Body Shop White Musk Libertine

I got this for Christmas and I’ve wore it pretty much everyday. It smells gorgeous, it’s feminine and sweet but it’s still fresh and not at all heavy.

Denman Grooming Brush (D81M)

I would love a Mason Pearson hairbrush but I can’t justify spending £30+ on a hairbrush but I discovered this in Boots and it’s amazing. It’s not great on wet hair but it smoothes hair and gets rid of static and it makes my hair super shiny. I love it.




The Body Shop White Musk Libertine

body shop musk with title
I have to confess I had never smelt a Body Shop fragrance until Christmas Day, when I go into the Body Shop I usually head for the body care or lip balms and ignore the scents.
For Christmas, I received the heart shaped tin with the White Musk Libertine Body Mist and the Eau de Toilette. I think its sold out now because I can’t find it on the website but it might still be available in store.
Both of the products smell divine, it smells musky but its really feminine and girly but not sweet and sickly. It’s quite a fresh, clean scent. I like this scent because it’s a light fragrance, I’m not a fan of heavy and almost overpowering scents.  I’ve been using both of scents daily since Christmas. The Mist is like a lighter version of the EDT but both are equally lovely.
I’m really pleased to have received this for Christmas because I would never have discovered it and I’m pleased I did because I think I’ll be repurchasing it when this duo runs out.

Have you tried the Body Shop Musk range? What did you get for Christmas?

Body Shop Wild Rose Nourishing Hand Butter

As the last few posts I’ve shown, I’m going through a bit of a Body Shop phase, I forgot how good their products are.

I’ve got the Rose Hand Cream and I really like it, it’s not greasy or sticky but it’s very moisturising and hydrating (I’ve done a full post on it). There is also a hand butter in the range, which is a more intense.

It smells lovely, the smell was the reason I bought it. The texture is thicker than a normal hand cream, it has a similar consistency to a body butter but it is slightly lighter. It’s targeted at mature skins but I wanted it just for the scent and my hands aren’t showing the signs of aging so I can’t say if it helps with improving the appearance of mature skin. I use at night before bed because it’s too thick to use as a regular hand cream and it takes a while to sink it. When I’ve used this my hands have felt really soft and hydrated the next morning and I’ve noticed I hardly need to use hand cream during the day.

Overall, I really like it and I would recommend it, if you need a proper, heavy duty hand cream but it’s super moisturising.

It’s available from The Body Shop and the website, it’s £11 but there’s currently 30% off. http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/hand-care/hand-butter/wild-rose-nourishing-hand-butter.aspx

Body Shop Wild Rose Hand Care

Body Shop Rose Hand Cream with title

I love hand cream, I use it all the time and I’m always trying new ones. The Body Shop is one of my favourite shops, it has a million and one products and there are some real hidden gems. The Almond hand care range is perhaps their most famous but a recent edition was the Wild Rose range.

The range is targeted at mature skins but I love the smell of roses so it immediately appealed to me. The hand cream has SPF15 which is quite unusual to find in a cheaper hand cream and lots of people forget to protect their hands during the sunny weather, its designed to moisturise hands and fade brown spots. I don’t know if it fade brown spots because I don’t have any. It smells lovely, it leaves hands nicely moisturised and soft but not oily and sticky. I really like the packaging of Body Shop hand creams, the metal tube means you can get ever last bit of product out.

Overall, it’s a really good hand cream and I would repurchase it and I really recommend it.

Available from the Body Shop and the website, prices start from £5.