Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo

dove dry shampoo

I’m generally not a big fan of Dry Shampoo, I would rather wash my hair. Everyone loves Batiste but I’m not fan, I can’t be bothered with the white reside it leaves and I don’t like how it makes my hair feel and I don’t think it works for adding volume. The Dove Dry Shampoo, on the other hand, is fantastic, it’s so good I’m on my third tin. Unlike most dry shampoos, Dove uses starch to absorb oil so there is no white residue. I still don’t use this for oil absorption, I use it to add volume to the roots of my hair. I spray a little bit of this in my roots and gentle massage it and before I know it I have voluminous hair that doesn’t feel crunchy and it doesn’t lose it’s shine.

I think this is a great bargain buy, it’s £4.59 but it’s often on offer in Boots.


November Favourites

This month’s favourites are pretty short but the products are pretty amazing.

Dove Hair Care

This month I have only used Dove hair care and my hair looks really shiny and my hair feels really soft and hydrated. I’ve been using the Age Shampoo and although it isn’t aimed at me, it’s a fantastic shampoo. For conditioner, I’ve been using the Oil Treatment Conditioner and I’ve seen a huge improvement in knots in my hair. For styling, I’ve using the styling cream and the heat protection spray and I love both (I have full posts on both the styling products).

Rimmel Retro Glam Mascara Extreme

Firstly, there is no difference between this and the original but both are amazing. My lashes are really long and defined and it helps hold a curl.

Essie Buy Me A Cameo

I only bought this a couple of days ago and I can’t believe I didn’t buy this sooner, its gorgeous. I have a full post about it coming up.

La Roche Posay Cicaplast Lip Balm

I’m addicted to lip balm, I honestly can’t count how many I have but my justification is, my lips are dry all year and I need lots of lip balm. I have a full post coming tomorrow but I love it.

Available from Escentual

Dove StyleCare Frizz Free Shine Cream Serum

dove frizz cream
I’m not a huge fan of styling creams because I feel they make my hair look flat and feel a but lifeless. I bought this one a whim because I was looking at the new Dove products and I was already buying the heat protection spray so I thought I might as well give this a try.

It’s quite thick and creamy but it becomes a lighter texture once it’s warmed up. I warm it in my hands before I apply it to the mid-lengths of my hair and it doesn’t weigh it down but it eases frizz to make the hair smoother. I’ve noticed my hair is easier to straighten and style but it’s not flat or greasy.

Overall, a really nice product and worth the money.

Dove StyleCare Replenishment and Heat Protect Spray

Dove Heat Protection

Dove hair care is something I feel is overlooked in the beauty world. I’ve tried a few of the shampoos and conditioners and I’ve been really impressed. I really like the Oil range, the mask and treatment conditioner is really good and the leave in oil spray.

Heat protection spray is something I use everyday because I’m very attached to my straighteners and I need to my protect my hair from further damage. This is arguably the best heat protection spray I’ve ever used. I usually find heat protectant leaves a coating on my hair or it feels heavy and just a bit yucky. This, however, is really lightweight and it doesn’t leave any film of product on my hair. I’ve noticed my hair is shinier and softer since I’ve been using this and my hair almost feels more hydrated. I’ve used a lot of heat protection, even some rather pricey ones and I think this is better and I will repurchase this when I’m finished this bottle.

The new Dove hair products currently have one third off in Boots so it’s a great time to give the range a try.